Product Highlights
  • 1-15 kg (2.2-33 lbs) Max. Load Capacity
  • 63-172 cm (24.8-67.7") Height Range
  • 6.6 kg (14.5 lbs) Weight
  • Carbon Fiber Material Construction
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SpeedBalance... With its payload of 30.9 lbs, the DV12 SB Fluid Head offers high-precision and extremely fast counterbalance to all digital camcorder operators, from broadcast to MiniDV. The head is called SpeedBalance, because it features a 12 step counterbalance, greatly reducing set-up time.

In addition to finer counterbalance graduation, SpeedBalance heads also have an increased payload range, including a reduction in minimum payload. This makes them ideal for lightweight camcorders such as those from the DVCAM, HDV and DV classes.

In the broadcast sector, the DV 12 SB has a 100 mm fittings and is perfect for DVCPRO, DigiBeta and Editcam camcorders, among others. This head offers twelve step counterbalance, which greatly simplifies balancing on heavier camcorders, saving time and money.  Another feature of this fluid head is its self-illuminated Touch Bubbles that make balancing in poor light conditions even easier.

The DV 12 SB Fluid head also features tap holes that let you mount an optional viewfinder extension adapter something only found on bigger heads until now. The heads thus do justice to the increasingly popular small HD camcorders, which achieve film-like quality when equipped with the right cine accessories.

With all these new developments, Sachtler has continued to follow its secret of success step switching. It allows camera operators to optimally balance the fluid head and camera in no time at all. While stepless systems often require time-consuming adjustments by trial and error, graduated-step counterbalance gives you perfect set-ups on demand.

ENG 2 CF ... This tripod is a top seller for good reason. The ENG 2 CF is extremely lightweight, solid and stable. Double extension tripods are ideal for a much wider variety of applications, due to their expanded height range, i.e. lower bottom and higher top positions. In addition, their transport length is even shorter.

What's Included

DV 12 SB (#1505) Fluid Head
ENG 2 CF (#5386) 100 ENG 2 CF 2-Stage Tripod
SP 75 (#7001) On-ground Spreader
Cover ENG 2 (#9311)


Product Specifications

12 SB ENG 2 CF

Range DV
Weight 6.6 kg (14.5 lbs)
Temperature Range -40° to 60° C
Sliding Range 70 mm
Interface Compatibility Touch & Go
Bowl Size 100 mm
Material Construction Carbon Fiber
Transport Length 89 cm (35")
Tripod Stages 2
Payload 1-15 kg (2.2-33 lbs)
Tilt Range 90° to -75°
Height with Spreader 63-172 cm (24.8-67.7")
Spreader Type Ground Spreader
Pan bar count 1
Counterbalance 12 counterbalance steps
Drag 5 + 0 horizontal and vertical grades of drag

Questions & Answers

Sachtler System 12 SB ENG 2 CF

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