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4.7GB, clear scratch resistant coating, archival, 100 year lifespan, spindle of 25

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Scratch Armor's protective layer prevents scratches, scuffs, dirt, chemicals, and fingerprints; making it the best way to protect your precious memories, music, and important documents. The clear scratch resistant coating that comes on the Archival Gold media prevents damage from the daily grind that CD's and DVD's are faced with. Combined with Archival Gold's established reliability, Archival Gold with Scratch Armor also increases the quality and lifespan of your recordable media.

Scratches, scuffs, dirt, chemicals, or fingerprints can leave your recordable media damaged beyond repair, but Scratch Armor insures the lifespan of your disc. Lasting 10 times longer than other recordable media, Scratch Armor's protective surface keeps your memories, music, and files safe.

Archival Gold CD-R's are made with a patented Phthalocyanine dye. When compared to Cyanine and Azo dyes found in the majority of CD-R's on the market, Phthalocyanine dye lasts significantly longer when subjected to the harmful effects of UV light, heat, and humidity. This combined with the non-corroding effects of gold make Archival Gold CD-R's the 300 year disc. Archival Gold DVD-R's have also been tested to last well over 100 years; both Archival Gold formats outlast their competitors by decades.


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Delkin DVD-R 4.7GB GOLD Scratch Armor Archival Media 25 Spindle

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