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PocketWizard 32 channel radio triggering, 8 f-stop flash range, 250 watt quartz lamp, includes a UV Colour Corrected Flashtube

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All "DR" and Solair Constant-Colour models are available with 32 channel radio technology that wirelessly trigger your strobes up to a distance of 1600 feet.  You can use multiple lights in the studio and on location and never worry about your lights being triggered by another photographer's flash.  No more unreliabel sync cords.  Improve your digital images immediately by eliminating sync cord line noise.  Position your lights anywhere, not just where the sync cord reaches.  It's easy.  Just set the radio PowerLIght to one of the 32 channels on teh Pocket Wizard transmitter, and you are ready for wireless triggering.  The big advantage is the built-in radio receiver never needs batteries.  The Plus receives from PocketWizard are fully compatible with all other Pocket Wizard transmitters.  This includes the transmitters that are built into Kodak, Nikon, Mamiya cameras and Sekonic meters, as well as Standard Plus and MultiMax units.

Key Features

  • PocketWizard 32 channel radio triggering
  • Constant Kelvin Colour technologies
  • Consistent power output
  • 8 f-stop flash range
  • Adjustments in 1/2 ro 1/10 f-stop
  • Digital flash power display
  • Digital modeling power display
  • 250 watt quartz lamp
  • Proportional modeling setting
  • Auto bracketing settings
  • Audible ready and misfire
  • Auto power discharge system
  • Voltage stablilized
  • Circuit overload protection
  • Internal thermal protection
  • Self diagnostic display codes
  • Extruded aluminum housing
  • Quick-Change accessory system
  • This model also includes a UV Color Corrected Flashtube (C4-19C).


Questions & Answers

Photogenic PLR1250DRC Radio PLight (PL2) Pro Studio 500WS w/UV FTube

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