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Protect your Powerbook or Macbook Pro keyboard from spills, dust and general wear and tear

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We've all been there...reaching for a piece of paper and accidentally spilling your coffee across your keyboard; snacking on food to help keep yourself awake at 1:00 AM and having to pick the crumbs out from between the keys the next morning or, better yet,using compressed air to
BLAST them out!

We feel your pain...and have a solution - our unique Keyboard Covers for the Powerbook G4 and MacBook Pro laptops. 100% silicone, they're molded precisely to cover your entire keyboard and protect it from the endless barrage of spills, crumbs, dust and general wear and tear.

Our Keyboard Covers won't restrict your typing in any way. In fact, typing using our covers is more enjoyable! They're soft to the touch, durable and won't shift around (not to mention, hassle free!)

They're even washable!

Trust us, you'll be thankful you got one...and your keyboard will be thankful too.


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KB Covers Blue (Aqua) Keyboard Cover for Powerbook/MacBook Pro

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