• Webcode: 241158 • Mfr: PhotoCapture 360XL
Product Highlights
  • Canon / Nikon DSLR Compatibility
  • 453.5 kg (1000 lbs) Max. Load Capacity
  • Mac / Windows OS
  • 1 TB Storage
  • 110 V Power
  • 1920 x 1080 Resolution
  • Provides precise rotation of heavy products
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  • Provide your website visitors with interactive product experiences
  • PC-controlled, programmable turntable and software captures 4 to 200 pictures over one rotation
  • Images are seemlessly stiched together and presented in GIF and Flash formats
  • Professional results with unparalled simplicity
  • Flexibility to export images for use in other applications

Create you own professional 360-degree product animations.

PhotoCapture 360XL makes it simple & fast to create 360-degree product shots animated in Flash (SWF) and GIF files for websites, product development and business communication. This heavy duty, PC-controlled turntable features a 31.5” rotation platform and can hold up to 700Lbs.

Real-Time Preview

A real-time preview allows you to view the object as it spins, so you can make position, composition, lighting and crop adjustments before taking a picture.

Auto Image Capture

In the software, select the number of pictures to take during one revolution, image size, image resolution and the direction of rotation. Pressing Start synchronizes turntable movement (starting & stopping) and the camera to automate picture taking. It's Fast! Take 20 pictures in ~2 minutes 15 seconds. While most image capture is continuous, time-lapse and manual capture options are available.

Output Options

Resulting pictures can be 1) stitched together to create animated Flash (SWF) and GIF files. 2) Exported for editing then imported for final stitching 3) Exported to another program such as Flash(R) or QuickTime(R) VR for final processing.

Key Features

  • PC-controlled turntable with 31.5" rotation platform
    PhotoCapture will allow you to create your own professional still and 360-degree product shots, in-house.
  • Image creation software automates image capture & stitches pictures together
    One program does it all! The PhotoCapture software simplifies the whole process by synchronizing turntable movement with the picture taking capability of a compatible digital camera. Snap, Rotate, Snap, Rotate, Snap… until finished. The resulting pictures are automatically cropped when taken and saved to the PC for editing and stitching into GIF or Flash files. Resulting files can be immediately used on websites or for business communication.
  • Flash files offer the viewer mouse control (left & right) and zooming capabilities
    The Flash files generated by PhotoCapture give the viewer a 360-degree view of the product with click-&-drag mouse control. Four interactive Flash types available.
  • Real-time preview while object is rotating
    Before taking a single picture, PhotoCapture lets you see the object in real-time on your monitor screen. This makes composing the picture simple. Use the PhotoCapture software to zoom, crop and control camera settings in real-time. Also preview the object spinning 360 degrees to ensure proper item placement (to avoid wobble around the center) and to set pre-crop markers so that the software can crop the images as they are taken.
  • The ability to confirm & re-shoot
    After taking the pictures, the program shows the user each picture and gives them the ability to re-take. To re-shoot an image, simply click the image and the turntable will automatically rotate to that position, take a new picture and replace the original. This feature works really well for harder items such as shiny or small objects and always ensures that the images are perfect before the user begins processing and stitching.
  • Creation software offers image capture, editing, masking, annotation and batch saving options
    It typically takes two or three software programs to accomplish what PhotoCapture does in one application and tremendous efficiencies can be obtained using PhotoCapture’s batch processing and saving features. The built-in software workflows can quickly transition images for immediate use.
  • Holds up to 700 lbs.
    The real-time preview, pre-cropping, remote camera control and automatic image downloading technologies save time and effort with each picture taken.
  • Fast production tool for large projects
    PhotoCapture was built for speed. Users can expect to take and stitch 20 pictures into a flash file in ~2 min 30 seconds. Our customers can attest that PhotoCapture is able to produce thousands of professional pictures and animations in just days! No project is too large. PhotoCapture technology makes product photography profitable.
  • Clockwise or counterclockwise rotation or 3 speed continuous rotation
    Users can choose to rotate their items clockwise or counterclockwise and shoot in three different photography modes: Manual, Time Lapse or Continuous. Time Lapse and Manual photography modes can be used to create dual animations. For example, as the item spins it also opens and closes or turns on and off.
  • Captured images can be easily exported to other programs
    PhotoCapture has several output options. In addition to automatically stitching the images to create animated GIF and Flash files, the user can send (by email), print, annotate, edit or export the individual JPG pictures for processing or stitching in another program. One common workflow is to export the images to Photoshop, then re-import them for stitching.
  • Powerful business communication tool - take, annotate & send photos in seconds
    PhotoCapture can create both 360-degree photos and professional stills and both can be used to change how businesses communicate on a daily basis. By taking a picture or animation, annotating it with drawings and text then sending it via email, there is no room left for misunderstandings or poor communication. It’s perfect for companies that manufacture overseas or communicate internally / externally with people spread across different locations.

What's Included

  • Installation CD with PhotoCapture software, User Guide and Photography Tips
  • PhotoCapture 360XL turntable with 31.5" rotation platform
  • One white platform cover
  • One black platform cover
  • Power cord
  • 10' USB cable with signal boosting capability
  • Regular 6' USB cable


Product Specifications


Detailed Specifications
Dimensions (W x H x D) 32.7" x 32.7" x 11"
Weight 195 lbs.
Maximum Object Weight 700 lbs.
Digital Image Resolution Depends on camera 
Power Requirements Standard 110V (220V units available)
Software Requirements
  • Windows® ME / 2000 / XP – SP1 or above (Administrator Account for 2000 and XP)
  • CPU: Pentium® or equiv. (1G or higher preferred)
  • RAM: Min. 128 MB (1GB if taking more than 50 pictures per revolution)
  • VGA: Min. 1024x768, True color
  • Internet connection with active email account (optional)
  • Min. 2 USB Ports, CD ROM drive


Questions & Answers

Ortery PhotoCapture 360XL PC-Ctrl Motorized Turntable

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