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24"x40' roll Chromata White™ Canvas - a textured 20.5 mil Bright White, consistent Poly Cotton Blend Matte Canvas using an acid-free, neutral pH coating.

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Chromata White™ Canvas is a textured 20.5 mil Bright White, consistent Poly Cotton Blend Matte Canvas using an acid-free, neutral pH coating. Unlike 99.9% of available inkjet canvas products on the market today (for giclee printing), this canvas utilizes our "Chromata White" optical brightener additive-free and Fluorescent Whitening agent-free breakthrough technology.

"Chromata White" gives the end-user the most stable platform on which to print photographs and fine art giclees without the metamerism issues or color shift issues inherent on other canvases. Optical Brighteners compromise the attainment of true color, they complicate profiling accuracy, and they inevitably deteriorate and yellow over time.

Chromata White™ Canvas is the most archival canvas available. In addition, its breakthrough technology results in a canvas that is whiter than traditional canvas manufactured with OBAs. Chromata White™ Canvas utilizes Breathing Color's most advanced inkjet canvas coating technology that is a far industry leader in Dmax and Color Gamut. It was designed to deliver roll to roll consistency from one production to the next.

The water resistant surface works exceptionally well with Glamour™ II Veneer, Breathing Color's proprietary water-based top coat coating designed specifically for their line of inkjet canvas. If coated with Glamour II, this canvas will not crack even under extremely rigorous stretching conditions (canvas gallery wrap).

*Chromata White™ Canvas can be adhered to just about any surface (such as masonite board) by simply applying Glamour II Veneer coating onto the underneath surface of the canvas. Today, Glamour II is commonly used as a very effective mounting adhesive for those who prefer not to stretch canvas giclees. In addtion to all Epson printers, Chromata White is also suited for all Roland printers, including the Eco-Sol printers using Eco-sol ink as well as the Roland's new "Max" ink.


Product Specifications


Detailed Specifications
Size 24"x40' 
Quantity Roll
Type of Material 65% Polyester, 35% Cotton
Basis Weight 450gsm
Caliper 20.5 mil
Opacity 98%
Texture 17 microns
CIE Color F7/2° L* 96.05 a*=1.20 b*=-1.15
Fabric Weave Oxford 2 over 1
Print Permanence Fine Art Trade Guild approved

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Breathing Color Canvas 24"x40' Brilliance Chromata White Roll

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