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Product Highlights
openGear® 3.0 is the evolution of the industry's first and only open hardware and software platform.

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High Power, High Speed, and Unsurpassed Flexibility.

openGear® 3.0 is the evolution of the industry's first and only open hardware and software platform. The next generation openGear® frame, OG3-FR combines function, flexibility and power with advanced features like high powered 450 watt redundant power supplies, Gigabit Ethernet access to every card slot, 20 openGear® card slots, dedicated 21st and 22nd card slots for network control and internal reference distribution, and a front LCD display for easy frame, IP address and fault identification.

Key Features:

  • 450W Power Supply with Integral Cooling
  • Gigabet Ethernet Access to Every Card Slot
  • 20 openGear® Card Slots
  • Front LCD Display

Modular Frame Architecture

The OG3-FR offers the flexibility of independent rear modules for connectivity to a wide array of interfaces such as BNC, twisted-pair audio, and fiber. The independent rear modules are available in different I/O configurations for select cards, including high density split rear modules allowing up to 20 independent openGear® cards in the OG3 frame.

Robust Power Supplies

The OG3-FR can accommodate 2 front-loaded PS-OG3 power supplies. The split outside location of the power supplies makes installation a breeze when utilizing an alternate phase power source. A single 450 watt supply can fully power a loaded frame, and the addition of a second (optional) supply gives the frame full power redundancy. Each power supply contains an independent cooling fan, status LED, and a frontmounted power switch.


The frame has been designed with an advanced cooling architecture with increased ventilation. Front door mounted cooling fans provide forced air cooling to all cards with front to back cooling. An intelligent fan controller adjusts fan speed with changes in power supply loading and temperature. The front door assembly can be removed without tools for quick and easy maintenance.


The OG3-FR comes standard with Ethernet connectivity for basic configuration and monitoring of openGear® cards through the DashBoard control system. An optional advanced networking card, the MFC-8322-N, adds an on-board Gigabit Ethernet switch, with GigE access to each of the 20 processing card slots. The advanced networking control also allows multiple DashBoard connections and adds advanced features such as DataSafeand optional SNMP.


Product Specifications

Blackmagic Design OpenGear21 Slot Frame w/ Cooling Fans, Power Supply, Full Networking

Number of Card Slots 21
Number of Reference Inputs 2 lopoping
Level 1 Vpp nominal
Signal Analog video sync (black burst or tri-level), or AES/EBU DARS
Impedance 75 Ω terminating
Return Loss >30 dB to 30 MHz
Maximum DC on Ref Input ±1 V
Maximum Power +12 V Rail
Per Card Occupying 4 Slots   5 A, 60 W
Per Card Occupying 2 Slots 2.5 A, 30 W
Per Card Occupying 1 Slot 1.25 A, 15 W
-7.5 V Rail Per Card Occupying 4 Slots 0.8 A, 6 W
-7.5 V Rail Per Card Occupying 2 Slots 0.4 A, 3 W
-7.5 V Rail Per Card Occupying 1 Slot 0.2 A, 1.5 W
-7.5 V Rail Per Card Occupying Total 300 W, total power consumption not to exceed 15 W maximum per card slot
Frame Controller and Fans +12 V Rail 3 A, 36 W
Frame Controller and Fans -7.5 V Rail 0.2 A (1.5 W)
Frame Controller and Fans Total 37.5 W maximum
GFC-8322 Card +12 V Rail 0.2 A (2.4 W)
GFC-8322 Card -7.5 V Rail 0.2 A (1.5 W)
GFC-8322 Card Total 3.9 W maximum
Power Supply PS-OG3 
Power Input 100 to 240 VAC, 47 to 63 Hz, 500 W
Power Output 12V, 28 A, 336 W nominal
-7.5 V, 5 A, 37.5 W nominal
Power Total Sum of both outputs not to exceed 375 W maximum
Ambient Temperature Range 0 to 40ºC (32 to 104°F)
Humidity <95% non-condensing
Dimensions (H x W x D) 8.89 x 48.26 x 45.0 cm (3.5 x 19.0 x 17.7")
Weight 9.07 kg (20.00 lb) with 2 PS-OG3 power supplies installed


Questions & Answers

Blackmagic Design OpenGear 21 Slot Frame W/cooling Fans, Power Supply, Full Networking

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