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Rosco's 12 x 12" LitePad Axiom (Daylight) is one of the company's next generation panels which features a rugged aluminum and steel housing with an integrated gel slot and provision for attachment of Axiom series arms, brackets and adapters.
12 x 12"
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Rosco's LitePad is a groundbreaking LED light source for videographers, photographers and filmmakers who need a small, lightweight unit with a variety of mounting options that can light areas where standard light sources simply won't fit.

Rosco's 12 x 12" LitePad Axiom (Daylight) is one of the company's next generation panels which features a rugged aluminum and steel housing with an integrated gel slot and provision for attachment of Axiom series arms, brackets and adapters via 1/4"-20 bolt or baby pin for maximum flexibility. Other mounting options include Velcro and gaffers tape for the smaller units which measure 3 x 6" - 12 x 12" and weigh in at just 0.8 - 3.95 lb. Even the 24 x 24" panel weighs only 13.7 lb. The power connector is now removable to facilitate packing and minimize cord damage and downtime. Input voltage is 100 - 240V AC. Lamp life is estimated at 60,000 hours making the LitePad virtually maintenance-free. The colour balance is daylight (5800K) but the LitePad is also is available in tungsten (3800K) balance.

Key Features

  • Featherweight LED Panel
  • Removable Power Cable
  • Versatile Mounting Options
  • Aluminum and Steel
  • Daylight Balance (5800K)
  • 0.64" (16.2mm) Thick

Rugged Design

LitePad Axiom's housing is constructed from steel and aluminum making it the strongest, most durable LitePad available. The metal housing also allows for the attachment of different mounting hardware and filters directly to the LitePad. Inside of every LitePad Axiom is a LitePad HO+, which means you get all of the benefits of the HO+ product line.

Versatile Mounting

With LitePad Axiom's quick-release mounting system, it is now possible to change out the mounting option in just a few seconds. Whether it is a 1/4"-20 bolt, a baby pin or even a wall plate, it only takes a moment for a solid connection.

Interior Connector

LitePad's new interior connector eliminates the traditional wire, which had the potential to be pulled out during use. Based on user feedback, this feature was introduced to make the LitePad more rugged and easier to use.

Daylight / Tungsten

LitePad is available in two colour temperatures, daylight (approx. 5800K) and tungsten (approx. 3800K). With tungsten and daylight LitePads, which have equal light output, there is no need to colour correct your LitePad, losing valuable light intensity. LitePad's minimum green content allows for high colour rendering and great film and digital photography.

Soft Quality of Light

One of LitePad's most important attributes is the quality of light it produces. LitePad outputs a soft, even beam of light which is perfect for filling in shadows, creating "beauty" light, or to mimic a practical light in the scene. LitePad has been hailed as the perfect "get me out of trouble" light because little needs to be done when using LitePad in order to make it produce beautiful light.

Low Heat

Because LitePad is an LED light source, the amount of heat generated is very low. In the centre of the LitePad, the unit is cool to the touch. The edges, where the LEDs are located, are only slightly warm. This means that LitePads can be left on all day in a small set without making the room unbearable to work in.

Minimal Power Consumption

With each LED only consuming a quarter of a watt, LitePad is an extremely energy efficient light source. There is no longer the need for kilowatts of power or a generator to power a set full of lights. A few dozen LitePads can easily run off of available household power.

Easy on the Eyes

Unlike many LED sources, LitePad is a bounced LED light - not an array of LEDs pointing directly forward. Performers or technicians can look directly into LitePad without squinting, hurting their eyes or getting a headache.


LitePads are a fully dimmable LED product. The proprietary Single Fader Dimmer and 2 CH / DMX Dimmer can smoothly dim any standard size LitePad with no colour temperature change. With LitePad's dimmers, you are able to set the exact light intensity you need.

What's Included

  • 12 x 12" LitePad Axiom (Daylight)
  • Transformer for 3x3", 3x6", 6x6" LitePads (120VAC)
  • 10' Right Angle Extension Cable for LitePad
  • LitePad Axiom 1/4"-20 Bracket
  • LitePad Axiom Baby Pin Bracket
  • Limited Warranty


Product Specifications

Detailed Specifications
Source     LED
Colour Temperature     5800K
Light Output     At 18" (457.2 mm)
90 fc
Lamp Life     60,000 hours
Power     Output: 12V DC
Input: 100 - 240v AC
Operating Temperature     -22 - 185°F (-30 - +85°C)
Dimensions     12 x 12 x 0.64" (304.8 x 304.8 x 16.2 mm)
Weight     3.95 lb (1.8 kg)

Questions & Answers

Rosco LitePad Axiom 12x12 Daylight

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