Product Highlights
  • 24 MP CMOS Sensor
  • Full Frame Format
  • 3 fps Continuous Shooting
  • ISO 200-6400 ISO Sensitivity
  • Full HD 1080p Video Recording
  • Black Colour
Leica M Black Body Typ 240 Leica M Black Body Typ 240
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The future of the M System

The Leica M. As the first M camera to implement a newly designed and constructed CMOS image sensor and to feature additional focusing methods and functions like Live View and Full HD video capability, it is the most versatile model ever in the history of Leica rangefinder cameras and sets entirely new standards. It unites the numerous advantages of innovative digital technology with a rangefinder technology that has been continuously perfected over decades. At the same time, it remains true to the legendary values of the M-System, while expanding the opportunities offered by rangefinder photography - and, for the first time, offers compatibility with Leica R legacy lenses.

Key Features

  • The smallest interchangeable lens full frame camera in the world
  • Best-in-class image quality
  • Brilliant viewfinder quality and precise focusing through the Leica rangefinder
  • Outstanding image quality thanks to newly developed LEICA MAX CMOS Sensor
  • Extended applications with Live View and electronic viewfinder
  • Simple, high-precision focusing thanks to Live View focus and focus peaking
  • Digital full frame for Leica R lenses, with the Leica R Adapter M
  • "Leica Look" videos with Full HD video capture
  • Many additional performance enhancements

Born from a tradition of innovation

The new Leica M is the most innovative and versatile M-Camera that the modern M-System has ever created. It unites decades of experience in rangefinder technology with groundbreaking digital technologies: It features a completely newly developed high-resolution full-format CMOS sensor that, in combination with its high-performance processor and the legendary M-Lenses, delivers outstanding imaging results. With Live View, video, and new additional focusing methods, it is also the M for photographers who do not wish to miss out on any of what modern digital technology has to offer.

As a change from travelling through distant countries, globetrotting Magnum photographer Jean Gaumy captured impressions of his native region Upper Normandy – for Leica. With the new Leica M in his luggage, he has created an intensely personal ‘photo diary’ that provides an informal, almost intimate, view of this coastal region and its inhabitants.

Leica Max 24 MP Sensor for maximum imaging quality

The Leica M features a completely newly designed high-resolution, 24 megapixel CMOS sensor in full 35 mm format. The combination of the camera’s image processor and this Leica Max 24 MP sensor guarantees outstanding imaging quality. Its intelligent design and flat pixel architecture enables each individual pixel to gather a particularly large amount of light. This results in images characterised by superior sharpness and maximum spatial resolution. The new M delivers extremely low-noise and richly detailed images, even at higher sensitivities of up to ISO 6400. And now, thanks to the 1080 pixel, full-HD video capability of the Leica M, the impressive imaging quality is available for moving pictures, too.

The new CMOS sensor is designed and constructed for the use of both Leica M and R lenses on the Leica M. Because, with the new Leica R-Adapter M, almost all Leica-R legacy lenses can be used on the Leica M expanding the options of the Leica M into the world of Leica R photography.

Fast Leica Maestro image processor

In conjunction with the new sensor, the Leica Maestro processor lets the Leica M set entirely new standards in terms of image-processing speed. It processes the image data arriving from the sensor and transforms them into visible images at extremely high speeds and can also perform even the most complex processing steps very fast. Thanks to the energy-efficient imaging electronics of the processor and sensor, a single charge of the Leica M’s new 1800 mAh lithium-ion battery can last an extremely long time.

Universal capabilities with Live View and the electronic viewfinder

The new Leica M is the first ever M to feature Live View and Live View Focusing. This means that now, for the first time, images can be composed using the actual image produced by the lens – with complete control of depth of field, exposure, precise framing and focusing. Its large, high-resolution 3" monitor allows precise assessment of the subject seen through the lens. This opens up entirely new opportunities for M-Photographers that previously lay far beyond the limitations of rangefinder photography, like macro and telephoto exposures, or using the monitor as a viewfinder.

Live View can be used with both M and R lenses. Indirectly, it also enables owners of R lenses to use the optional Visoflex EVF2 electronic viewfinder. The Leica M can be used with an R-Adapter, R-Lenses and a viewfinder exactly like an SLR, without using the monitor.

Splash-proof camera body

Thanks to the many years of experience gathered by our engineers in the construction of camera bodies, the new Leica M is built without compromise for maximum stability and perfect sealing. Its top and base plates are machined from solid brass, and its full-metal body is manufactured in one piece from high-strength magnesium alloy. Specially designed rubber seals protect the camera body against dust and water spray. The glass covering plate of its high-resolution monitor screen is manufactured from particularly tough and scratch-resistant Corning Gorilla glass. All this makes the Leica M particularly resilient and helps guarantee it a long and reliable working life.

What's Included

  • Leica M Digital Camera (Black)
  • Battery
  • Battery Charger
  • Power Cables
  • 12 V Charging Cable
  • Carrying Strap
  • Body Cap
  • Limited Warranty


Product Specifications


Detailed Specifications
Camera type Compact digital view and rangefinder system still and video camera
Lens mount Leica M bayonet with additional sensor for 6-bit coding
Compatible lenses Leica M lenses, Leica R lenses with optional Leica R-Adapter M
Top cover Milled brass top cover with integrated thumb rest All metal case made of die-cast magnesium; synthetic leather covering. Cap and base plate made of brass.
Image sensor LEICA MAX 24 MP CMOS Sensor
Number of effective pixels 24 million pixels
Sensitivity range ISO 200 – ISO 6400, Pull 50 available, Auto ISO
Imaging platform Integrated imaging circuit with Leica Maestro ® Image Processor
Electronic viewfinder Optional available, can be used with Live View and Play functionality
LCD monitor 3” TFT Display with 920,000 pixels, scratch resistant cover glass
Shutter Dual type focal plane shutter for classic image exposure and Live view
Shutter speed 1 / 4000s – 125s (in Bulb), 1/180s flash synchronization
Burst rate Approx. 3 fps
Self timer 2s / 12s
Storage media SD / SDHC / SDXC Memory Cards
Image file format DNG (RAW data uncompressed or nonlinear compressed), JPEG
File size  DNG: 18 MB (compressed) / 36 MB (uncompressed), JPEG: Resolution and image content dependent
Available JPG resolutions 5952px*3976px (24 MP), 4256px*2832px (12 MP)/2976px*1984px (6 MP)/1600PX* 1080PX (1.7 MP)
Colour spaces sRGB / Adobe RGB
White balance  Auto / Daylight / Cloudy / Shadow / Tungsten / Fluorescent warm / Fluorescent cool / Flash / Manual (Grey card) / Kelvin 2000-13100
Other functions Film modes, saturation, contrast, sharpening, shadow brightening
Movie recording Single frame video recording (Motion JPG), Quicktime format (mov)
Movie resolution 1080p, 720p, 640*480 (VGA)
Movie sampling rate 25 fps, 24 fps, 30 fps (VGA only)
Microphone Mono, stereo microphone adapter optional available
Audio recording Auto level adjustment, manual level adjustment (available while recording), concert preset
Exposure metering  In classic viewfinder mode: through the lens (TTL) metering, center-weighted with variable aperture In live view and advanced viewfinder mode: Through The Lens (TTL) metering, center weighted, spot or multi-field measuring Center-weighted TTL metering for flash exposure with system-conformant SC-3000/2 standard flash units
Exposure setting Manual shutter speed setting with direct dial, A-Mode with direct dial
Exposure modes Automatic shutter speed (A-Mode), Manual exposure (M-Mode)
Exposure compensation -3 EV to + 3 EV, 1/3 f-stops
Exposure bracketing 3 / 5/ 7 frames, 0.5 / 1 / 1.5 / 2 f-stops
Flash exposure
Control with center-weighted TTL pre-flash metering (with SCA-3501 / 3502 adapter, or SCA-3000 standard flash unit such as Leica SF 24D / Leica SF 58)
Hot shoe SCA – 3502 compatible hot shoe with center contact
Flash synchronization Optional triggered at first or second shutter curtain
Flash synch time 1 / 180 s
Focusing methods Manual focus with optional rangefinder, Live View, 100% Live View Zoom, Live View focus peaking, viewfinder focus confirmation
Optical viewfinder  Large, light bright-line rangefinder with automatic parallax compensation, LED illuminated frame lines
Optical viewfinder frame lines Frame lines size matches image sensor size at 2m (6.5’) focusing distance
Optical viewfinder correction Eyepiece adjusted to 0.5 dpt. Corrective lenses from -3 to =3 dpt available (optional)
Optical viewfinder magnification 0.68 x
Optical viewfinder displays
  • LED symbol for flash status (at bottom)
  • Four-digit seven-segment LED digital display, brightness adapted to ambient conditions (warning in case of exposure correction: display of automatic shutter speed in automatic mode, advisory indicating use of metering memory lock)
  • LED exposure monitor with two triangular and one central circular LED with manual exposure setting and for focus confirmation
Rangefinder  Split of superimposed image range finder shown as a bright field in the center of the viewfinder image.
Rangefinder effective metering basis 47.1 mm (mechanical metering basis 69.25 mm x viewfinder magnification 0.68 times)
Start up time < 1s
Tripod thread A ¼ (1/4”) DIN made of stainless steel in base plate
Operating temperature 0° C – 40 ° C
Menu languages English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese
Software licenses supplied Adobe Lightroom
Power supply Li-ion battery (included)
Dimnsions (W x D x H) Not specified by manufacturer
Weight Not specified by manufacturer

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Leica M Black Body Typ 240

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