Product Highlights
  • Capable of Providing Extremely Soft Light
  • Offers Soft Transitions Between Lights & Shades
  • 70 x 135 cm (27.5 x 53") Softbox
  • 1.3 kg (2.8 lbs) Weight
70 x 135 cm
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Lightech patented softboxes offer some excellent features: they are extremely light and space-saving, without any limitations in terms of product quality and final size. Lightech softboxes feature poles that were designed to be external to the main structure. This makes assembly particularly easy and quick, especially for rectangular models, which don’t require more than a minute to be ready for use. Lightech softboxes are capable of providing extremely soft light, avoiding highlights and spots on the subject, and offering soft transitions between lights and shades. That’s why Lightech softboxes are also an excellent choice for traditional studio work.


Key Features

Structural Poles
These ultra-light telescopic poles are made of hollow aluminum. All the sections are connected by an elastic band that keeps them together, even after they are put back in the bag, making assembly easier.

The tissues used are ultra-light, easily foldable, strong, and built to last. The softbox’s interior features a silver lining, providing good light reflection and excellent softness.

The aluminum poles are fixed to the tissue by metallic loops. This makes them extremely resistant to wear from repeated assemblies.

Internal Sheet
The internal sheet plays a key role in the final performance of the softbox, defining the light uniformity and quality it provides. Each softbox features an extremely sophisticated internal sheet, made up of multiple overlapping layers of fabric becoming progressively thinner towards the edges. The central thickness is such as to block direct rays which could cause high lights or unwanted spots on the subject.

Optional Anti-Wind Kit
Lightech softboxes are designed for difficult situations. A windproof guy ropes system can be attached to the corners of the softbox. The anti-wind kit will allow you to firmly fix the lighting system (stand and softshell) to the ground, without the need of the traditional weights. This allows the photographer to keep the lighting system in place without the aid of an assistant.



Product Specifications


Detailed Specifications
Softbox Size 70 x 135 cm
Weight 1.3 kg

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Lightech Octa Softshell Softbox 53" with Carrying Bag

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