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Product Highlights
Unique world's first design, Inner and outer diffusion panels, Use with studio flash, flashguns and Elinchrom Quadra, Optional grids available, Extremely lightweight and sturdy

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The Ezybox II is the world's first softbox designed to fit studio flash, battery operated flashguns and the Elinchrom Ranger Quadra RX. Designed for  modern day photographers who shoot with studio flash and battery flash, the Ezybox II enables them to carry one softbox which fits all their lighting kit and switches from one to the other using simple connectors. Ezybox II softboxes feature an inner and outer diffuser producing a maximum light reduction of two stops.

The Ezybox II Octa softbox is our lightest Octa ever. Fast to assemble, the softbox simply pops open and is secured using four support rods and our unique Ezybox II softbox frame. The Ezybox II Octa is available in two sizes; medium and large and simply requires the correct connection kit depending on your chosen light source(s).


Product Specifications


Detailed Specifications
 Size  80cm
 Item number  2720

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Lastolite Ezybox II Octa Medium 80cm

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