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  • 48mm x 50m (1.9" x 164') Dimensions
Rosco 48mm x 50m Gaffer Tape Flourescent Green Rosco 48mm x 50m Gaffer Tape Floures...
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GaffTac 2in Keying Tape

  • 48mm x 50m

This bright, high luminance fluorescent green Gaffer Tape is routinely used by special effects professionals to clean up overlapping areas in a "key," the green screen shot where the back- ground of a scene will be digitally inserted in post production.

Key Features:

  • Industrial grade polyethylene cloth laminate
  • Natural rubber adhesive
  • Supple 11.8 mil base
  • Non-reflective

The high-gain, fluorescent nature of the tape makes it an excellent choice when working in digital green areas, such as surfaces painted with our DigiComp® HD Green paint. GaffTac™ Keying Tape will work in many shots to mask seams, edges, scenic elements or to cover irregular surfaces not otherwise properly colored for a successful key.

GaffTac™ 2in Keying Tape is made on a traditional cotton cloth and vinyl coated fabric base and uses a synthetic rubber blend adhesive. This combination provides high tack with excellent adhesion yet still removes cleanly without leaving behind any sticky residue. It's also easily tearable, which means no need for cutting tools. The textured weave of cotton fabric helps insure limited reflections or glare that might spoil the keying shot.

Additional Features:

  • Durable yet easy to tear for quick application
  • Strong bond to many common materials
  • Smooth controlled unwind will not curl or twist
  • Clean removal with no residue on most surfaces
  • Conforms to odd shaped and irregular surfaces
  • Excellent water, vapor and abrasion resistance
  • Finish offers minimal visibility
  • Hand tearable - no cutting tools required

What's Included

Flourescent Green Gaffer Tape (48mm x 50m)


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Rosco 48mm x 50m Gaffer Tape Flourescent Green

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