Product Highlights
  • GND Graduated Neutral Density Filters
  • CP Circular Polarizer Filter
  • ND Neutral Density
  • Prevents Reflection & Glare
  • Increases Colour & Tonal Saturation
  • Allows for Use of Wider Aperture
  • Seven5 Diameter Thread
  • Lee Filters Seven5 Filter Holder Compatible
  • 5-Filter Set
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Whether you need to balance the exposure between sky and foreground, eliminate distracting reflections from water or extend your exposure to convey a sense of peace and stillness, the Seven5 Deluxe Kit contains everything you need for creative photography.

This kit contains the items below including 75mm filters in optically correct resin. An adaptor ring is not included but is sold separately in a range of sizes.

0.6 Neutral Density Hard Grad
Reduces exposure by 2 stops  without affecting colour balance.

0.6 Neutral Density Soft Grad
Reduces exposure by 2 stops  without affecting colour balance.

0.9 Neutral Density Hard Grad
Reduces exposure by 3 stops  without affecting colour balance.

Seven5 Circular Polariser
A unique clip-on design means this can be snapped onto the front of the Seven5 Holder and rotated independently of any graduated filters also in use.

Seven5 Filter Holder
A lightweight, precision-engineered filter holder specifically designed for everyday Compact System Cameras. Also available as part of the Seven5 Starter Kit.

The Big Stopper for Seven5
A glass filter that reduces exposure by approximately 10 stops.


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Lee Filters Seven5 Deluxe Kit

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