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The Hasselblad H1 was built from the ground up to fit your needs, and is loaded with more features and finesses than any other medium format camera on the market today.
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Hasselblad H1 Camera Body , Grey Hasselblad H1 Camera Body , Grey
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Fast as Light, Solid as a Rock
In the past, many professional photographers have shied away from auto-focus cameras, complaining that the slow speed of the auto-focus let valuable shots slip away. Quite often it was simply quicker, not to mention more reliable, to focus manually. The H1, however, offers lightning fast, super-accurate focusing under almost any conditions, guaranteeing that even the most fleeting of instants can be frozen accurately and clearly. And the auto-focus features an instant override function, enabling easy access to manual focusing without leaving the auto-focus mode.
And under the sleek outer casing of the H1 lies a lightweight, high-strength aluminum core surrounded by a solid stainless steel housing ensuring reliable and durable performance under even the toughest of conditions and for many years to come. In addition, the H1’s central lens shutter design enables virtually vibration-free exposures at even the longest shutter speeds and makes the H1 capable of flash-synchronization at all shutter speeds, up to 1/800 of a second.

What You Want, When You Want It
The advanced auto functions of the H1 take the guesswork out of your photography, allowing even the most spontaneous of shots to be perfectly focused and exposed. In addition, the H1 can be customized to suit your individual needs. The H1 allows you to save specific setting groups as so called profiles so you can then instantly access a whole range of pre-determined options at a press of a button. This extremely useful feature enables the H1 to adapt to your specific work method or style, not the other way around. But even when changing settings manually, the H1’s ergonomic design and intuitive user interface enable you to make fast, easy adjustments without removing your eye from the viewfinder or your hand from the grip.

You’ve Got the Power
The H1’s super-fast, advanced auto-focus system focuses rapidly and reliably time after time, allowing you to concentrate on the image at hand, with no need to fiddle with detailed control. Unless of course, control is what you’re after.
On the H1, a simple touch of the lens allows manual override at any time you choose without leaving the auto-focus mode. No need to take your eye from the viewfinder or your hands from the camera. And while the H1 incorporates a great number of easy to use features found only on sophisticated 35mm or consumer digital cameras, it still offers all the advantages of the medium format and the time honored Hasselblad quality, reliability, and system flexibility. By simply switching from the interchangeable film magazines (for 120/220 or instant film) to a digital back, you move freely from the analogue to the digital world at will. All without having to replace your entire camera system.
Combining standard film with digital imaging, studio sharpness with location reliability, and the ease of auto-focus and auto-exposure with hands-on, detailed control, the H1 doesn’t just offer the best of both worlds – it offers the best of all worlds.

Photographer-Friendly Features
The H1 is designed to make your photography as effortless as possible, letting you decide which aspects of your work you choose to concentrate on. Loading, winding, and exposure are all simple and convenient with automatic pre-wind to the first frame. When using Barcode System film, the camera automatically detects the film speed. Exposure is single frame or continuous and can be triggered by button, cable, IR remote, the built in self-timer, or interval timer from 1s to 24hrs. And the user-friendly LCD display provides you with all the information you need to make the right shot decision at the right time.

The H1 also features a customizable data-imprinting feature that can generate a record of exposure data factors and other information, all outside the image area of course. This allows easier record keeping and management when shooting large numbers of images. The user can specify which generic text data is to be imprinted, including the photographer’s name, copyright symbol, etc., and can also include exposure data or date and time. The H1 also boasts a host of other features and details, all designed to make your photography just that much easier, including built-in fill flash, removable battery grip, built in dark slide, and many more.


Product Specifications

  • Auto-focus, auto-exposure SLR camera
  • One piece stainless steel shell. Solid inner structure made from die-cast aluminium.
  • Hasselblad AF lenses with built-in electronically controlled shutter and aperture.
  • Automatic or manual focusing with instant manual focus override.
  • A 90° reflex viewfinder, providing 100% field of view even when wearing eyeglasses.
  • Built-in multi-mode light metering system.
  • Viewfinder image magnification 2.7X.
  • Integrated fill-in flash with guide number 12.
  • Automatic focusing using passive central cross type phase detection sensor. AF metering range EV 1 to 19 (ISO 100).
  • A number of unique features that support digital backs and provide similar handling and
    functionality as an integrated digital camera.
  • Data is imprinted outside the image area. The user can specify which data is to be imprinted.
  • Automatic film advance at approx. 2 frames per second.
  • Multi-exposure capability.
  • Drive modes: single and continuous.
  • Image format: 6 x 4.5 cm (actual size 56 x 41.5 mm).
  • Electronically controlled lens shutter with speeds ranging from 18 hours to 1/800 s including B- and T-mode.
  • Flash control: TTL center-weighted system. Can be used with the built-in flash or a wide
    variety of flashes compatible with the SCA3002 (Metz) system using adapter SCA3902.
  • The H1 has a built-in measurement system that measures flash light from non-TTL flashes, such as studio flashes.
  • Interchangeable film backs with film insert for both 120 and 220 film types.
  • Built-in curtain type, dark slide.
  • Exposure metering: Multi-mode exposure metering using 90° reflex viewfinder.
  • Metering options: spot (diameter 7.5 mm), center weighted, and average. Metering range at f/2.8 and ISO 100: Spot: EV 2 to 21. Center-weighted: EV 1 to 21 Average: EV 1 to 21.
  • Bracketing using predetermined number of exposures (2, 3 or 5) in 1/3, 1/2, or 1-step.
  • Interval timer: Number of frames from 2 to 32 and interval from 1 s to 24 hours.
  • Film speed range ISO 6 to 6400. Automatic setting with Barcode film.
  • Two dot matrix LCD’s that provide clear and easy-to-understand information to the user.
  • Focusing screen: Bright Spherical Acute-Matte D type.
  • Power supply: A cassette for 3 CR-123 Lithium type batteries. Optional cassette with fixed rechargeable batteries (8 AAA NiMh).
  • External dimensions: Body, 144x110x88 mm. Viewfinder, 78x47x132 mm. Magazine, 97x83x56 mm. Lens 2.8/80, 83x69 mm
  • Weight: Camera body, 800 g (incl. batteries). Magazine, 475 g (incl. film). Viewfinder, 330 g. Lens 2.8/80, 450 g.

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Hasselblad H1 Camera Body , Grey

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