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The ultimate studio-monitoring interface for the modern digital studio. Features three sets of stereo analog inputs to switch between input sources.
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The Central Station is the ultimate studio-monitoring interface for the modern digital studio. The Central Station features three sets of stereo analog inputs to switch between input sources such as: DAW, mixer, CD/DAT/Tape player, or keyboards/samplers. Two stereo analog inputs feature TRS balanced and the third stereo input features RCA inputs with trim control for level matching of input signals. In addition, the Central Station will accommodate two digital inputs via S/PDIF or TOSLINK providing D/A conversion up to 24Bit/192kHz. This allows you to monitor DAW and CD/DAT outputs through the same professional quality converter for the most accurate A/B comparison and highest quality monitoring environment. The digital to analog converter offers the highest possible audio quality with over 117dB dynamic range and ultra high quality analog circuitry. The Central Station features three sets of monitor outputs, each with their own set of passive trim controls. The monitoring section also provides MUTE, DIM and MONO switches. In addition, the Central Station includes a set of CUE outputs that can feed headphone amplifiers and a separate stereo MAIN line level output.

Purely Passive Signal Path
The Central Station features a PURELY PASSIVE SIGNAL PATH for ultimate sonic performance. The main audio path of the Central Station uses no amplifier stages including op amps or active IC's (integrated circuits) that add noise, color, distortion, and give that "pinched" sound. Distortion produced by op amps and IC's also gives added ear fatigue.

Signal routing in the Central Station is acheived utilzing 34 sealed mechanical relays (instead of active IC's) maintaining a minimal signal path design wherein extraneous electronics are hard-wire bypassed. Using relays ensures the most transparent signal path maximizing dynamic range, frequency range, and headroom, while minimizing noise and coloration. The Central Station uses the highest quality passive components including military grade 1% tolerance metal film resistors, multi-element potentiometers and ultra-durable connectors to deliver the highest sonic performance.

The Central Station features dual fast-acting 30-segment peak/hold LED's for accurate metering. The front panel of the Central Station includes both dBu and dBfs scale as well as peak/hold clear switch and meter alignment switch for addtional metering options.

The Central Station has an onboard TALKBACK microphone which is routed through the CUE outputs for communication between artist and engineer. The Central Station also includes a Microphone XLR input on the rear panel for use with an external microphone. When TALKBACK is used the CUE mix is automatically "dimmed" for added ease of communication.

Central Station Remote Control (optional)
The Central Station Remote Control (CSR-1) can be connected to the rear of the Central Station via DB9 connector to control VOLUME, TALKBACK, MUTE, input source switching and speaker output switching functions. Keep the Central Station in your rack with your gear and use the CSR-1 for ultimate control and flexibility.

Key Features

  • Passive Audio Path - no op amps or IC's in main audio path

  • Five stereo inputs (2 digital and 3 analog)

  • 24-Bit/192kHz DAC (>117dB dynamic range) via SPDIF and TOSLINK

  • Three sets of monitor outputs; each with passive volume control

  • Talkback microphone with volume to feed headphone and cue output

  • Accurate dual 30-segment LED for metering

  • Two front panel headphone jacks with separate volume control

  • MAIN and CUE stereo output have independent input source

  • Optional console remote control with input, output, talkback, and volume


Product Specifications

Audio Input
TRS 1 & 2 Type: 1/4 in. TRS Passive-Balanced
Input Impedance: 2K-5K Ohm (Speaker load and Trim level dependent)
S/N Ratio: Greater than 140dB
THD+N: Less than .0005% (1KHz @ 0dBu)
Frequency Response: Greater than 1MHz

AUX Type: RCA Active-Unbalanced
Input Impedance: 8Kohm
S/N Ratio: Greater than 115dB (1KHz @ 0dBu, Unity gain)
THD+N: Less than .002% (1KHz @ 0dBu, Unity gain)
Frequency Response: 10Hz-50KHz, -.5dB
Gain Range: -90dB to +20dB

S/PDIF Types: RCA 75Ohm-coax and Toslink optical
Dynamic Range: 117dB
THD+N: 0.0025% (1KHz @ -1dBfs)
Maximum Output: +18dBu (Active-Balanced)
Sample Rates: 44.1K, 48K, 88.2K, 96K, 176.4K, 192K

Note: All Input specifications (except Input Impedance) measured at Speaker A output, Trim and Main Level set to maximum.

Audio Output
Speakers Type:
1/4 in. TRS Passive-Balanced
Type-Mono Activated: 1/4 in. TRS Active-Impedance Balanced
Trim Range: -90dB to 0dB
Main Level Range: -90dB to 0dB
Dim Attenuation: -30dB

Main Type: 1/4” TRS Active-Balanced
Output Impedance: 51Ohm
THD+N: Less than 0.0025%
Frequency Response: 10Hz-50KHz, -.5dB

Cue Type: ¼ in. TRS Active-Impedance Balanced
Output Impedance: 51Ohm
THD+N: Less than .003% (1KHz @ 0dBu)
Frequency Response: 10Hz-50KHz, -.5dB
Gain Range: -90dB to 0dB
Dim Attenuation: -30dB (Talkback activated)

Headphones Type: 1/4 in. TRS Active Stereo
Maximum Output: 150mW/channel @ 60 Ohm load
THD+N: 0.015% (150mW/channel @ 60 Ohm load)
Frequency Response: 10Hz-50KHz, +1dB

Dynamic Microphone Input Type: XLR Female Balanced
Input Impedance: 2400 Ohm
Internal Microphone Type: Electret Condenser
Sensitivity: -42dB
Mic Preamp Gain Range: 15-55dB

Input Meters
Type: Dual 30 segment LED with Peak Hold
Range: -48dB to +18dB (-66dBfs to 0dBfs)
Accuracy: Better than .25dB
Frequency Range: 10Hz-22KHz
Calibrate Range: +/- 18dB

Power Supply
External A.C. Transformer/Internal Linear
Power Consumption: 40VA

Main Chassis Package Type: 1U - steel chassis
Dimensions: 19(W) X 1.75(H) X 5.50(D) inches
Weight 5.0 lbs.

External Power Supply Package Type: Molded Plastic
Dimensions: 2.5(W) X 2.3(H) X 4.0(D) in.
Weight: 2.5 lbs.

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PreSonus Audio Central Station - Passive Studio Control Center

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