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Product Highlights
  • 31 MP CCD Sensor
  • Medium Format
  • ISO 50-800 ISO Sensitivity
  • Digital Back
Phase One P30+ for Hasselblad H1 Phase One P30+ for Hasselblad H1
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The top quality fast fashion shooter with ISO1600, superior moiré control, and well suited for harsh environments

Even better image quality

Phase One is renowned for delivering the best image quality and the most efficient workflow in the world.

They set new world standards by introducing OptiColor+ in the P+ series. Less noise in all ISO settings and best color reproduction on the market. Colors are maintained in the deepest shadows and the skin tones are better than ever.

Higher dynamic range

By introducing Dynamic+ Phase One boosts performance on higher dynamic range. The result is a better high ISO image quality in general and a new ISO 1600 for faster shutter speed and low light images.

Higher speed

They have unlimited burst capacity and up to 40 frames per minute.

Extreme exposure times

The new Phase One XPose+ technology lets you perform even longer exposure times – up to one hour at 15oC. At the same time it enables extreme light painting – capture images no one else can!

A reliable product working in all conditions

The first P series has proven to be the market’s most reliable. The new Phase One P+ digital camera backs are optimized for harsh environments. You will be able to shoot in dusty environments, in extreme cold and warm conditions. 100 % uptime is assured.

Crisp and vivid viewing

Phase One’s new Live Preview will be your best experience ever. Scalable focus window and best in class color reproduction just to mention a couple of the new features. Furthermore, a new display with 230,000 pixels is introduced. The display provides high brightness and contrast both indoor and outdoor, and with very fine details.

Key Features

  • Even better image quality

  • Higher sensitivity and dynamic range

  • Up to 70 frames per minute

  • Live preview

  • New display – brilliant and vivid viewing


Live Preview

Even better work flow
Phase One is renowned for delivering the most efficient workflow in the world.  They have done their utmost to make the Phase One Live Preview your best experience ever. It is fully integrated with the Capture One software. Focus is made easy! The focus window can be moved outside the Capture One application and ideally be placed on another monitor adjacent to the set. The focus window is scalable for long distance viewing and the color reproduction is the best in class. To further improve the workflow, it is possible to load an overlay image and compose with this as a guide line. To ease composition it is possible to turn on a square grid.

Digital camera back support
Following digital backs support Live Preview out-of–the-box: P 20+, P 21+, P 25+, P 30+ and P 45+. The Live Preview functionality can be purchased for the following digital backs as a hardware upgrade: P 21, P 30 and P 45.

Camera house support
Following camera houses support Live Preview functionality:
- Hasselblad V series, Hasselblad H series
- Mamiya RZ 67 Pro II, Mamiya AFD
- Technical cameras (4x5): Arca Swiss, Cambo 4x5, Rollei Xact, Linhof M679/4x5, Toyo, Sinar, Plaubel and Horseman.
- Wide angle: Horseman SWD, Cambo Wide DS and a range of adapters with 35 mm support. 

Live Preview User Workflow



Launch from Capture One

Launch Live Preview from Capture One. Live Preview is paused in composition mode as default. The composition window can be moved outside the Capture One application.


Open shutter

Open shutter and keep it open in B or T mode depending on choice of camera system.


Press play

Start composition mode by pressing the play button.


Adjust the exposure

Notice the reading on the exposure meter. Adjust the aperture until the exposure meter is in the "green" area.

If the Live Preview image seems too dark or too bright, adjust the ISO gain and/or the shutter speed. Lower ISO gain means less noise in the image. Higher shutter speed improves image quality at the expense of slower frame rate.


Set pilot lights

The best image quality is achieved with pilot lights set relatively low. High lights and high key areas may generate image artifacts in the Live Preview image. This will not affect the final image. Many fluorescent light sources typically have a non-steady behavior.

If the white balance is not correct, a new white balance can be set using the picker tool, and clicking on a gray area in the composition preview. Typically a gray chart is temporarily placed in the setup for this purpose.


Set image scene

When the exposure is adjusted, the set can be composed. To ease composition it is possible to turn on a square grid. The amount of grid lines and their color is adjustable through the use of the preference settings.

To further improve the workflow, it is possible to load an overlay image and compose with this as a guide line. Overlay opacity is configurable in the preferences panel.


Launch focus window

With the composition and pilot lighting in place, the focus window is launched by pressing the magnifier symbol, placing the magnifier symbol in the area of focus interest, and then left click.


Handling the focus window

In the composition window the focus area is indicated with a box. The focus window is launched and will be updated 1.5 to 3 times every second, depending on the size of the window. The window can be moved outside the Capture One application and ideally be placed on another monitor adjacent to the set. The focus window can be scaled and zoomed into for easier viewing from long distance if needed.


Pause Live Preview

The focus is adjusted while viewing the focus window. When the focus has been adjusted and is considered to be perfect in all relevant areas, the Live Preview is paused by pressing the pause button.

To prevent excessive power consumption, the Live Preview automatically pauses after a time specified in the preferences panel. It can be started again by pressing the play button.



The shutter is closed, Live Preview window is closed and a capture is initiated. The image is transferred to Capture One which immediately displays a high quality preview. Focus can again be verified through the use of the Focus tool in Capture One.

Live Preview Key Features

  • Best in class color reproduction in focus mode
  • Large scalable focus window for long distance viewing
  • Virtual shutter technology (patent pending)
  • Frame rates from 1.5–3 frames/sec. in color
  • Fully integrated with Capture One



Product Specifications

Detailed Specifications
 CCD size effective (mm)   44.2 x 33.1   
Pixel size (micron)  6.8 x 6.8
Resolution (Mega pixels)  31.6
Light sensitivity  (ISO) 100-1600     
 Exposure time     1/10 000 sec, up to one hour with Xpose + technology   
 Live Preview  Composition and focus mode, 1.5 - 3 frames/sec., good color reproduction, large scalable focus window for long distance viewing    
 Image quality  OptiColor+ and Dynamic+ technologies (pat.pend.) for improved image quality  
 Capture time         (sec/frame) 1.25   
Battery lifetime     (captures/4 hours) 3000      
Burst size  Unlimited, untethereed with Sandisk Extreme IV CF card and tethered to fast PC or Mac   
Image buffer   640 MB high speed RAM for much longer untethered bursts with slow CF cards    
Display  2.2" QVGA TFT with 230 000 pixels, high brightness and contrast both indoor and outdoor, very fine details

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Phase One P30+ for Hasselblad H1

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