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Worry-free colour balancing and consistently neutral, with ideal camera exposure, faster than ever before.

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Shoot for ideal.

The X-Rite Color Checker Video

Colour Balance and Control for Filmmaking – from Shoot to Edit

From the makers of the original ColorChecker Classic, the X-Rite ColorChecker Video is the ideal colour chart for your video workflow. This two-sided target provides chromatic colour chips, skin tone chips and gray reference chips on one side and a spectrally neutral white balance card on the other side. This larger colour target is perfect for pre-camera checks and wider shots.
Ideal for Filmmakers.

Get to your ideal colour place faster!

The ColorChecker Video will get you to a worry-free colour balanced and consistently neutral place, with ideal camera exposure, faster than ever before – giving you more time to spend on your creative look. It’s an essential colour tool you won’t want to be without, saving you valuable time from capture to edit.

ColorChecker Video is an all-in-one full size durable and rigid colour target, specifically intended for video production. It includes a newly designed video colour chart on one side and a large spectrally neutral white balance card on the flip side.

Video Colour Target

Speed up your colour grading workflow by achieving ideal exposure and colour balance, whether shooting with one camera or multiples. This colour chart includes a series of chromatic colour chips, skin tone chips, gray chips and illumination check chips. The layout is designed for ideal performance when used with vectorscopes and waveforms, whether on camera or in software.

  • Chromatic Colours
    Two rows of six chromatic colour chips, both saturated and desaturated, specifically designed to align with the colour axis on a vectorscope. These colours provide two levels of colour information to more quickly achieve an ideal colour balance.

  • Skin Tones
    Ranging from light to dark with subtle undertones to better reproduce accurate flesh tones. This row of chips is positioned on the outer edge of the target for easy alignment.

  • Large Gray Levels
    Four larger steps for even gray balance, including white, 40IRE gray, deep gray and high gloss black. These levels are ideal for determining proper exposure whether you use a waveform, zebras, or false colours. Use these levels to align the exposure and contrast of cameras you are matching and ensure that mid-tones are rendered accurately. These chips are positioned in the center of the test target for maximum exposure, even on a wide set.
  • Linear Grayscale
    Six colour chips for achieving even gray balance. This row addresses highlight and shadow regions.
  • Illumination Check Chips
    Black and white chips at two corners to better assist in determining even illumination across the target

White Balance Target

Starting with an accurate white balance ensures the colours you capture are true and provides a point of reference for post-shoot editing. The White Balance target found on the reverse side is a spectrally flat target that provides a neutral reference point across mixed lighting conditions that you encounter during a video shoot. Since the target reflects light equally across the visible spectrum, creating an in-camera custom white balance can properly compensate for varying lighting.

With this chart, you’ll be able to

  • Eliminate colour casts
  • Improve the colour preview on your camera’s display so your histograms are more reliable
  • Make post production colour correction and editing faster and easier by eliminating the need to neutralize each frame individually

Use for a variety of applications, including:

  • Colour grading
  • Colour balancing
  • Gray balancing
  • Setting perfect exposure
  • Colour  matching multiple cameras
  • Shooting and editing for mixed lighting

The X-Rite ColorChecker Difference

Why can’t I use just any white object for white balancing?

White balancing on a piece of paper or other gray element in the scene may seem like a simple workaround, but most objects are not actually neutral under all lighting conditions; and they’re certainly not consistent. An inaccurate white balance will result in color casts, and a lack of consistency between lighting conditions, making colour corrections extremely time consuming.

Include ColorChecker® Video targets in every shoot to make your video workflow faster, more consistent, more balanced and repeatable. You’ll save time and money avoiding costly mistakes and frustrating colour corrections after the fact. Best of all, you’ll get to your creative look faster, which is ideal, because we all know how much you love being in your creative place.

What's Included

Chromatic Colour: six saturated and six de-saturated colour chips aligned with video production
Skin Tones: six colour chips from light to dark with different undertones
Gray Levels: four larger steps for even gray balance, including white, 40IRE gray, deep gray and high gloss black reference patches
Linear Grayscale: six steps for even gray balance, including highlight and shadow regions
Illumination Check Chips: black and white colour chips at two corners to better assist in determining even illumination


Product Specifications

X-Rite ColorChecker Video

Size 21.59 x 27.94 cm (8.25 x 11”)
Weight 227 g (8 oz)
Humidity Range 85% or less, non-condensing

Questions & Answers

X-Rite ColorChecker Video

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