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Product Highlights
  • Elinchrom ELB 400 Hi-Sync To Go Kit
  • 424Ws Power
  • Up to 1/8000 Sec. HSS High Speed Sync
  • Up to 1/5700 Sec. Flash Duration
  • 350 Full Power Flashes
  • 1.6s Recycle Time
  • 6.9 f-Stop Power Range
  • Built-In Skyport Integrated Transceiver
  • 50W Modelling Light
  • 90.0 at ISO 100 and 1m Guide Number
  • Kit includes ELB400, Quadra HS & Bag
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ELB 400 Hi-Sync "To Go" Set

The ELB 400 Hi-Sync set is for photographers who need Hi- Sync photography using high shutter speeds to overpower the sun, with a minimum of banding. The Hi-Sync set comes with the recently introduced Quadra HS head. However, no transmitter is included so that photographers have the freedom to choose the corresponding EL-Skyport Transmitter Plus HS for their camera system.

All ELB 400 sets now include the 18-cm Quadra grid reflector which offers almost one stop more light and the newly developed Location bag, which is adaptable to every photographer’s needs.

The Next Level of Outdoor Flash

Specifically designed for photographers who like to travel light but packing enough power to overpower the sun. The best flash duration is at full power where you need it when you are out on a sunny location. The built-in Skyport system enables seamless synchronization between your camera and the ELB 400. The OLED display features a rich and quick access to all features.

Key Features:

  • Tiny flash heads with full sized performance.
  • Compatible with the Elinchrom system past, present and future. Fully compatible with the creativity demanded by every photographer.
  • 424 Ws in the palm of your hand. Only 2 kg.
  • 20% faster recycling time. 1.6 s at full power.
  • 25% more from the same weight. 350 full power flashes.
  • Lifetime battery performance optimized, even recovering deeply discharged cells.
  • OLED display with intuitive control of existing functions, providing simple control of all the new functions; Strobo, Sequence and Delayed flash.

Hi-Sync photography gets a radical boost.

Freeze action, overpower the sun, darken backgrounds, and use a wider aperture.


Elinchrom announces their new hi-speed super-fast Quadra HS flash head. When you add Elinchrom’s latest EL-Skyport Transmitter Plus HS, you can dial up insanely fast shutter speeds - up to 1/8000s. Go hi-sync with the ELB 400 and the Quadra HS flash head. 

Dedicated to Hi-Sync photography


  • The Quadra HS Head is a powerful, full-functioning miniaturized flash head which is compatible with the ELB 400 and all previous generations of Quadra packs.
  • Built to be as portable as possible and weighing only 0.28 kg (0.62 lbs.), this head not only packs well but it is mountable in situations that would be impossible for a full-sized flash head.
  • The HS designation denotes the system's optimized head for Hi-Sync photography such as high shutter speeds or overpowering the sun and limits the gradient effect to a maximum. It is ideal to use in conjunction with the new EL-Skyport transmitter Plus HS.
  • The Quadra HS head also integrates a daylight balanced LED modelling lamp that produces the equivalent of 50W of tungsten light output. 
  • There exist many portable accessories dedicated to the the Quadra mount but Elinchrom also offers the Quadra reflector adapter for those who want full access to the complete range of Elinchrom accessories, including Rotalux, Litemotiv, etc.
  • The head comes with an interchangeable 2 m head cable, while optional extension cables are available.


By far the best high shutter speed flash sync technology on the market
- and not just by a little.

The HS flash head is designed to give you more light when using HS technology than the standard ELB 400 Pro head. When mated with the Skyport Plus HS transmitter, you can overpower the sun from 20-feet away in full daylight—all with only 424 Ws. 
Read that last sentence again!

At normal sync speeds overpowering the sun with 1,200 Ws is barely possible from 20-feet away. With the new HS technology in the ELB 400 and Skyport Plus HS setup, you can now take smaller, lighter gear and over power the sun from unimaginable distances—all while stopping the action with a fast shutter speed. This is the “game changing” aspect of this new system I referenced above. This combo allows for unparalleled versatility with flash photography.

Besides being able to overpower the sun from phenomenal distances (with only 424 Ws), Hi-Sync can be used for other creative effects including: freezing motion, darkening backgrounds using high shutter speeds, shooting at large apertures for shallow depth of field, having full control over shutter speed and aperture choice, and getting sharper images with high resolution images.

What's Included

ELB 400 Ws Pack
Lithium-Ion battery
Sync Cord
Shoulder strap
Quadra HS head
Flash cable (2.5m / 8.6')
Protective cap
Quadra reflector (18cm / 7") 56°
ProTec Location bag
2-year warranty


Product Specifications


Maximum Watt/seconds  424
Power distribution Asymmetrical 2 :1
F-stop (1m, 100 ISO, reflector 48°) Pro Head At 100% : 64.5 – At 66% : 45.8 – At 33% : 22.4
Power range f-stop 6.9
Power range Ws 100% : 21 - 424 – 66% : Output A : 14 - 280 – 33% : Output B : 7 - 140
Power range 1/1 – 1/32
Power increments in f-stop 1/10 to 5/10 - 1/1
Flash duration t0.5 at max. power in s. : Pro/Action head Output A (100%) : 1/1200 / 1/2800 – Output B (33%) : 1/3000 / 1/5700 Output A+B (100%) : 1/1500 / 1/4000 
Recycling, FAST in s. Output A : 0.3 - 1.6 – Output B : 0.17 - 0.7
Recycling, ECO in s. Output A: 0.5 - 3.5 – Output B: 0.3 - 1.2 
Colour temperature in °K at max. power 5500
Auto Power Dumping Adjusts power settings automatically
Power stability ± 0.5%
Modelling lamp mode On, off, programmable timer and continuous
Flashes out of one charged battery at min. power, ECO / FAST recycle 6000 / 5500
Flashes out of one charged battery at max. power, ECO / FAST recycle 350 / 350
Battery Lithium-Ion 14.4 V / 4.1 Ah
Quick charger : approx. recharge time 1h30m
EL-Skyport (Built-in) Integrated transceiver, 20 Frequency Channels and 4 Groups
Sync voltage 5 V (compatible with all cameras)
Sync socket >3.5 mm Jack
Weight : ELB 400 unit including battery // Battery alone 2 kg // 0.73
Supplied with Battery, charger, sync cord and shoulder strap

Quadra HS Head

Maximum Watt/seconds  424
F-stop at Full Power 90.0 (at 1m, 100 ISO, reflector 48°)
Flash Duration Port A - 100%: 1/55o
Port B - 33%: 1/1100
User Replaceable Flashtube Yes 
Changeable Reflector Yes, Quadra mount
Full range of Elinchrom accessories via the Quadra reflector adapter
Circuit Protection Yes 
Interchangeable Cable Yes 
Modelling Lamp Wattage Daylight LED: 50 W tungsten equivalent
Modelling Lamp On/Off Switch On separately purchased pack
Fan Cooled No 
Dimensions (without folding stand mount or reflector) 8.0 x 7.5 cm (3.1 x 2.9”)

0.28 kg (0.62 lbs) 

Questions & Answers

Elinchrom ELB 400 Hi-Sync To Go Set with 1x ELB400, 1x Quadra HS Head ProTec Bag

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