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  • Item Condition: Very light signs of use. Shot count 6,495.
  • Warranty: 5 year Uptime Warranty expires June 15, 2020.
  • Accessories: Includes all original accessories.
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Product Highlights
  • 51MP CMOS Sensor
  • Medium Format
  • ISO 100-6400 ISO Sensitivity
  • Digital Back, Camera Body & Lens Kit
  • Touchscreen
  • Includes XF Body & Lens of Choice
  • Includes 5 Year Uptime Warranty
Phase One XF IQ3 50MP Bundle with XF Body, IQ Back, 80mm LS 5 Year Uptime Warranty Phase One XF IQ3 50MP Bundle with XF Bod...
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IQ3 50MP Digital Back

Imaging Sensors

The digital back is, in essence, an imaging sensor enclosed within a detachable magazine that includes all the electronic and processing power needed to capture amazing medium format images.

Full Frame Medium Format

The sensors in the IQ3 80MP, IQ3 60MP and IQ2 60MP Achromatic are exclusively found in Phase One products. Not only are they exclusive, they’re the biggest around! Their size allows you to realize the full potential of your lenses. Whether it's a tight interior space or scenic vista, the full frame sensors mean you'll get more out of every scene.

60 Minute Exposures

With Phase One's new and exclusive 80 megapixel imaging sensor, the IQ3 Digital Backs can deliver extreme long exposures of up to 60 minutes across 50MP, 60MP and 80MP configurations.

Temperature Graph Tool

To ensure the best quality of long-exposure imaging it is important to operate the digital capture device at a relatively constant temperature. When turning on an IQ Digital Back the power consumption will lead to a temperature increase that stabilizes in time.


With Phase One's patented Sensor+ technology in the IQ3 Digital Backs you can easily switch from high-resolution and low ISO captures to lower resolution and higher ISO captures, without degrading the pixel level quality of the image.

Image Quality

Dynamic Range

The extreme dynamic range of the IQ3 Digital Back range (up to 14 f-stops in the case of the IQ3 50MP) enables you to capture every scene no matter what the lighting conditions. Bring back virtually every detail, even if you didn't get the exposure perfect at capture.

Perfect Colour

The IQ3 Digital Backs are built to ensure you capture images with smooth and subtle transitions, reproducing the scene as perfect as possible. IQ3 Digital Backs make this possible by capturing images with up to 16-bit color depth per channel.

Up to 80 Mega Pixel Captures

IQ3 resolution of 50MP, 60MP or 80MP not only delivers incredible detail, but also provides creative flexibility, accommodating virtually any application requirement, be it print or digital.

XF IQ3 Integration

Built for flexibility, the IQ3 range of digital backs is compatible with the leading technical cameras.

Fast Interface with Powershare

With full system integration, the XF Camera System offers power sharing between each of it’s independently powered components. The ability to provide consistent power for the system, as a whole, allows for maximum usage without the necessity to change batteries. Further, tethered workflow allows the system to charge when not in use. The new power-sharing feature ensures consistent performance across all components.

OneTouch UI

Accessible directly from the back, the OneTouch UI allows for versatile workflow options fitting whatever challenges you may meet. Whether it’s cramped quarters, a high tripod or even just ease of use from a larger touch screen, the OneTouch UI seamlessly integrates all controls of the XF camera system at your fingertips.

Upgradeable Camera OS

The software running on range of IQ3 Digital Backs is designed as an upgradeable operating system. This allows for easy and fast upgrades, providing both new features and unique customization options. By using our new Camera OS, photographers will be able to upgrade their IQ3 Digital Backs at regular intervals in order to benefit from the new opportunities of technology.

Intuitive Touch

High Resolution touch display

All IQ3 Digital Backs feature a 3.2 inch display designed to work equally well indoors as outdoors. Images can easily be validated from most angles, thanks to its viewing angle of 170 degrees. The display delivers great color rendition that can reproduce tonal gradations of up to 16 million different shades.

Tap, pan, and browse

The touch screen lets you tap to zoom, pan and browse through images fast and it is easy to navigate between different menus and features. The IQ3 Digital Backs are designed with contextual controls that appear only when needed.

Virtual Horizon

The IQ3 digital backs have an embedded accelerometer that helps you align images at the moment of capture. You're presented with a virtual horizon that gives you a precise visual indication of the roll and pitch of the image you're about to capture.

Integrated Wireless

Wireless Built-in

You don't have to buy extra accessories or mount more gadgets on your camera. Wireless communication is an integrated part of the IQ3 Digital Back range. 

Compose and Control

In the range of IQ3 Digital Backs, Wi-Fi is built-in allowing you to connect an iPad or iPhone wirelessly and use Capture Pilot for Live View, exposure control, shutter release and instantly check focus or compose on a larger screen.

Delighted Clients

The larger display of an iPad can make it easier to view composition and focus. Use it yourself or simply give it to the client when working on set; they can get involved, check and rate images from afar and you can make sure your clients get what they want and keep coming back.


GPS information is logged through Capture Pilot when your iPhone or iPad is wirelessly connected to an IQ3 Digital Back and automatically embedded into your IQ RAW files. A great feature for reviewing where images were captured which can be useful for location scouting purposes.

Stand out in a big way! Introducing the XF Camera System

Extraordinary Image Quality

“I use Phase One because it’s the best. I just can’t afford not to." - David LaChapelle

Bigger is Better

The XF Camera System is built using full-frame Medium Format sensors 2.5 times larger than the ones found in high-end DSLRs. Sensors this large deliver a powerful combination of the highest possible resolution together with large, high dynamic range pixels and exceptional wide angular response. The XF is quite literally the best of all worlds when it comes to digital image quality.

80MP resolution

The XF Camera System is available in multiple configurations, up to 80MP. Resolution this high not only delivers incredible detail but also provides creative flexibility, accommodating virtually any application requirement, be it print or digital.

Perfect 16 bit colour

Balancing colors is equal parts art and science. Phase One have been working for over two decades to achieve perfection in colors across hardware and software, and the XF System is a direct reflection of that. You won’t find better color depth or rendering than with an XF Camera System.

14 stop dynamic range

Using large sensor technology, the XF Camera System delivers unparalleled dynamic range, retaining unmatched detail in both highlights and shadows.

Up to 60 min. exposure

With Phase One's new and exclusive 80 megapixel imaging sensor, the XF Camera System delivers extreme long exposures of up to 60 minutes across 50MP, 60MP and 80MP configurations. An amazing creative tool, used by many of the world’s leading photographers.

New simple OneTouch user interface

Being the first to embrace new technology and integrate a touch based user interface to a digital back, Phase One is proud to continue the tradition with the XF Camera System. They call it the OneTouch UI.

Minimal learning curve

The OneTouch UI on the XF camera is a seamless combination of intuitive dials, keys and touch screen interactions. Each operation is used only where it makes sense and where you want it. OneTouch UI is designed with the goal of making controls so simple that photographers will feel at home within moments of getting started.

Soft-configured controls

The XF camera can be operated either from the camera itself or from a tethered computer. To achieve this, we have removed all hard-coded button functionality including any physical markings on the camera. This allows complete freedom to configure the systems controls to best fit your individual needs.

Intuitive touch

Two separate, yet fully integrated, touch displays are now available on the XF Camera System. The 1.6” grip screen is designed for clear visibility in any lighting condition using a transflective capacitive touch display. The back screen is a retina touch screen designed to show high-quality image previews, providing the ability to zoom to 100% with a simple tap. With 3.2” inch there is ample space to compose and review, as well as operate advanced tools.

New Autofocus Platform

The XF Camera System marks an important milestone for Phase One. It is the introduction of a new patent pending and fully controlled in-house autofocus system. The Honeybee Autofocus Platform, or HAP-1.

User accessible updates

HAP-1 is designed with a brand new custom processor, coupled with a high-resolution CMOS AF sensor. Combining a unique floating-point architecture and a fully programmable interface, HAP-1 is easy to expand and will allow us to continuously tailor the autofocus system to meet your needs, providing user-accessible software updates for years to come.

Built for precision

The initial configuration of HAP-1 is built for precision in typical professional environments. Using a new white spectrum focus assist light and Phase One developed focusing patterns; Auto Focus is more accurate than ever, right out of the gate.

Hyperfocal Point Focusing

When photographers require the maximum allowable depth of field, the optimal technique used is to apply a hyperfocal distance measurement. Depending on aperture and lens used, the optimal Focus Point is typically a few steps under infinity. With the new Hyperfocal Point Focusing, it is now possible to set the ideal Hyperfocal Point for each lens and have HAP-1 automatically return to that specific point on demand.

Capture One PRO

Phase One has built a new version of Capture One PRO for XF, offering deeper integration, better image quality and faster performance than ever before.

RAW Image Quality

When it comes to image quality, Capture One PRO is an important ingredient that distinguishes Phase One Systems from the rest. Our hardware and software teams have worked closer than ever to perfectly develop the IIQ RAW file, allowing all elements to play in perfect harmony. Images have never looked more natural and pleasing.

Fastest Tethered Workflow

Rendering images in Capture One PRO at the exact moment of capture, using a USB 3.0 tethered connection, is the preferred workflow for many industry-leading photographers. You instantly see your vision become a reality on screen. With the Phase One XF System and Capture One PRO 8.3, we are raising the bar for tethered workflow and camera communication.

Integrated Configuration

The new OneTouch UI on the XF Camera System can be configured directly from within Capture One PRO. This makes it easy to change, customize and configure controls for any type of photography, directly from your computer – a blessing for you and your digital assistant.

Mechanics & Electronics

Better. Faster. Stronger.

Aerial-grade mechanics

Phase One Systems have been used for decades in some of the most demanding professional and aerial applications. With the XF Camera System we have upgraded all moving parts and materials to match that level of professional demand, delivering the fastest, most robust and most reliable camera ever.

Cutting-edge electronics

The XF introduces an all-new electronic architecture. Designed in-house by Phase One, the XF is built using faster processors, newly designed sensor advancements, including gyroscopic sensors and accelerometers, and an integrated wireless Profoto flash trigger.

Faster then ever

One of the most important elements of great photography is timing. With the latest iteration on mechanics introduced with the XF Camera System, we have significantly reduced shutter latency and shutter recycle time, making it our most responsive camera ever.

A Future Proof Platform

Contrary to most camera systems, Phase One do not design their systems as short-lived disposables. They build camera platforms on which photographers can extend, build, exchange and grow throughout their career.

Upgradeable Camera OS

The software running on the XF is designed as an independent and upgradeable operating system. This allows for easy and fast upgrades, providing both new features and unique customization. By using our new Camera OS, photographers will be able to upgrade their XF System at regular intervals in order to benefit from the new opportunities of technology.

Upgradeable Autofocus

HAP-1 is designed with a brand a new custom processor, coupled with an independent high-resolution CMOS AF sensor. Combining a unique floating-point architecture and a fully programmable interface, HAP-1 is easy to expand and will allow us to continuously tailor the autofocus system and release user-accessible software updates for years to come.

Modular Modern Hardware

The XF Camera System is founded on modern hardware and an open platform philosophy, allowing us to continuously add new upgrades in accordance with the changing pace of technology. Additionally, other manufacturers can interface with each individual component so we can offer photographers with a future proof platform.

Proven track-record

When Phase One say that their product life cycles are long, it's a proven fact. Customers, who invested in Phase One P backs in 2004, have received additional functionality as late as 2014, from both Firmware upgrades and Capture One processing software.

Schneider Kreuznach 80mm LS f/2.8

This is the standard focal length lens offering the greatest versatility. Flash sync up to 1/1600th of a second. A preferred choice for location fashion photographers using fill flash. - Flash synchronization up to 1/1600th - Fast aperture allowing shallow depth of field - Extreme optical performance - Edge-to-edge sharpness


Product Specifications

Detailed Specifications
Imaging Sensors   
Digital Back Options IQ3 50-80MP & IQ1 40-80MP with XF mounts 
Backwards Compatibility  IQ1 & IQ2 with P mounts 
Camera OS   
User Interface  OneTouch UI 
Screen layouts  2 standard layouts 
Custom modes  3 configurations 
Custom settings  80+ settings 
User upgradeable via Back  Yes 
Autofocus Sensor  HAP-1 1MP CMOS Sensor 
Autofocus Processor  HAP-1 Processor with Floating Point Architecture 
Autofocus Assist light  HAP-1 Precision White light 
Hyperfocal Point Focusing  Yes 
Upgradeable Autofocus configurations & Patterns  Yes 
Autofocus modes  Spot, Average, Hyperfocal 
Interchangeable focusing screens  Matte (default), Split, Center prism 
RAW converter  Capture One PRO 8.3 or newer 
Tethered support  Yes 
Workflow options  Sessions and Catalogues 
Lens Corrections  Phase One Focal Plane lenses & Schneider Kreuznach Leaf Shutter lenses 
Imaging Tools  25+ 
Local adjustments  Adjustment & Clone Layers 
Batch output  yes, using recipes and multiple destinations 
Output formats  8 & 16 bit TIFF-RGB, TIFF-CMYK, JPEG incl. XR/2000/QuickProof tm, DNG, PNG, PSD 
Frames per second  Variable following digital back 
Capture Drive Modes  Single: Yes
Continuous: yes
Low Vibration: yes
Exposure bracketing: 2-5 frames
Toggle Mirror-up  Yes 
Capture from liveview  Yes 
TTL Light metering  Average, spot and auto 
HAP-1  Light Metering used with waist level finder 
Viewfinder black-out time  150ms (FPS), 400ms (LS) 
AE Lock  Yes
Exposure compensation  +/- 5 EV 
Size and Weight   
XF Camera Body  152 x 108 x 85 (mm) 790g 
Battery  BP-911/914/915 3400 mAh 
Powershare  IQ3 only 
Battery Charger  Integrated 
Support for USB 3  IQ3 only 
High capacity back interface  IQ3 only 
Flash trigger  Integrated Profoto wireless 
Wireless trigger range  20m (outside) 
Back flash sync  Yes 
Flash sync speed focal plane shutters (max)  1/125s 
Flash sync speed leaf shutters (max) 1/1600s
  • 80mm lens Specifications
    Optical Construction  6 elements , 5 groups 
    Angle of view  47° 
    Aperture range  f/2.8 – f/22 
    Diaphragm  Automatic 
    Focusing System  Auto Focus /Manual 
    Minimum Focusing Distance  70cm / 2.3 ft. 
    Maximum Magnification Ratio  0.15x 
    Area Covered  279 x 377 / 11 x 14.8" 
    Equivalent 35mm Focal Length  50mm 
    Filter  72mm 
    Lens Hood Bayonet
    Dimension 64.4 x 86.5 / 2.5 x 3.4"
    Weight 500g / 1.1 lbs. / 17.6 oz.


    IQ3 50MP Digital Back Specifications
    Resolution  50 Megapixel 
    Long Exposure  60 Minutes 
    16 bit Opticolour+  No 
    Dynamic Range  14 f-Stops 
    Sensitivity (ISO)  100-6400
    Sensitivity (ISO) Long Exp.  100-6400
    Sensor (ISO) 1/2 res.  No
    Lens factor  1.3
    Sensor Type  CMOS
    Sensor Size  44 x 33
    Active Pixels  8280 x 6208
    Pixel Size (micron)  5.3 x 5.3
    Output image dim. 300 DPI  70.1 x 52.6 cm
    Output image dim. 600 DPI  35.0 x 26.3 cm
    Mount Options  XF (IQ2 Available for H/V) 
    3.2" Touch Display  Yes 
    High Bandwidth Port  Yes 
    XF Powershare  Yes 
    Wi-Fi 802.11n  Yes 
    Captures Per Second   
    Focal Plane (Full Res)  1.8 
    Focal Plane (Sensor+)  n/a 
    Leaf Shutter (Full Res)  1.4 
    Leaf Shutter (Sensor+)  n/a 


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Phase One XF IQ3 50MP Bundle with XF Body, IQ Back, 80mm LS 5 Year Uptime Warranty

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