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Product Highlights
  • Resolve Software / Control Surface
  • Real-Time Node-Based Image Processing
  • 32-bit Floating Point/YRGB Processing
  • Slide-Out Keyboard
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DaVinci Resolve Advanced Panel

Add the award winning control surface for professional color correction for precise color control and more creative options than is possible with a standard mouse and keyboard.

Exotic locations, far off places, and even entire worlds are created on the stages and inside the computers of major Hollywood film studios. Bringing it all together and making it look real requires the most powerful tools and the highest quality image processing. DaVinci Resolve was developed in collaboration with the leading post production companies around the world and is the only solution that gives colorists the control they need to create realistic images that make us believe in what we see on the silver screen.

Advanced Control Panel

When you want the best available, then you need the amazing DaVinci control panel.

The control panel and software have been designed by colorists to work together in total harmony. Controls have been placed near your natural hand positions and lift, gamma and gain can all be adjusted at the same time. Each correction control has a separate button or knob, so you can instinctively reach out and touch every part of your image.

  • High Resolution LCD Displays

    5 super bright full color displays show menus and indicators for a massive 32 soft knobs and 30 soft keys. Menus update automatically to show the quickest and most direct keys to every feature so you never waste time searching through long menus.
  • Illuminated Keys

    Custom backlit keys feature RGB color and intensity to suit your mood and taste. No other control surface looks as amazing in a darkened room.
  • Soft Knobs

    Each soft knob allows super fine parameter adjustment and with a simple push, you can set each parameter back to the default.

Lift, Gamma, Gain and Offset

Trackballs provide RGB balance adjustments and gain for lift, gamma and gain, each with a master level control. You also have a RGB offset and master gain to adjust the brightness of the entire image.

Shadows, Tones and Highlights

With a single key you can switch your trackballs to grading shadows, mid tones and highlights using log controls with high and low range, contrast and master pivot.

Individual Camera RAW Controls

You get direct GPU de-bayer controls on the panel for exposure, contrast, lift, gain, color temperature, tint, highlight and lowlight recovery, saturation, color boost and mid tone detail. Adjusting camera RAW files has never been easier or faster.

  • Reference Keys and Fader T-bar

    Colorists constantly grab and play stills to compare grades using the gallery. The DaVinci Resolve control panel has dedicated memory keys to quickly save and recall stills. You can use the fader T-bar to wipe between saved stills and your live grading timeline.
  • Slide out Keyboard

    Use the slide out keyboard when you need to enter clip metadata, name files, nodes or put notes on markers. When your finished the keyboard retracts into the control surface.
  • Transport Controls

    The jog/shuttle knob and transport control keys give you full control of your project timeline or deck.


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