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  • Sony A7S II/A7R II/A7 II Camera Compatibility
  • Mid Camera Size
  • Kit includes Shoulder Mount, Matte Box & Follow Focus
Shape WLB SONY A7S II/A7R II/A7 II Shoulder Mount, MatteBox and Follow Focus Shape WLB SONY A7S II/A7R II/A7 II Shoul...
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Sony A7S II - A7R II - A7 II Shoulder Mount Kit

Shape WLB designed this cage for the Alpha series from Sony: Sony A7SII, Sony A7R II and Sony A7 II. 

The cage is designed to give easy access to the control buttons, the side outputs and the battery compartment; which is an important thing when you are shooting. You will not waste any time removing the camera from the cage to access the memory card or to change the battery. An important feature of this cage is the HDMI cable protector lock on the side, to make sure your cable stays in place and not causing any problems while recording. 

Key Features:

  • HDMI cable protector lock
  • Compatible with the SONY XLR-K2M audio unit
  • Removable Metabones® (EF MOUNT)  holder included in the baseplate
  • Only compatible with Metabones® EF MOUNT ( incompatible with PL MOUNT)
  • Removable top handle with the Shape WLB red push button technology
  • Easy access to all the controls and outputs, battery door, memory card
  • Easy assemble and disassemble, no need to remove any parts of the cage to install the camera
  • Easy access to the lens release button
  • The camera is attached with 1/4-20 screw and the position is secure with the back and the side of the cage
  • Ergonomic grip 
  • Red Push-button 360 degrees QUICK HANDLE ROD BLOC, for fast set up adjustments
  • Padded and comfortable shoulder pad
  • Features a pair of 15mm rods that are 18” long through the length of the baseplate (15TUBE18)

By leaving access open to the hot shoe on top of the camera, you can mount different accessories. This cage is compatible with the Sony XLR-K2M audio unit, so you can have great sound for your videos. To install it, simply turn the top handle towards the front of the cage. Integrated in the cage, Shape WLB designed a Metabones® adapter support bracket. When there is no Metabones® adapter, the ¼-20 screw is captive so you don’t have to remove it from the cage and simply slide the bracket from under the cage. 

This cage is easy to assemble and disassemble; you don’t need to remove any parts of it when you want to install the camera, it’s easy and fast. The camera is fixed with a ¼-20 screw with the threaded hole under it, and the position is secured with the back and the sides of the cage so it will not move forward when equipped with a heavier lens. In addition to having access to all camera controls, you also have easy access to the lens release button. The support between the lens and the camera grip is designed to anticipate a clearing for the fingers when the camera is handheld, for an ergonomic grip. The cage features several ¼-20 and 3/8-16 threaded holes for attachments and is made from CNC machined aluminium.

As with all their other products, Shape WLB also included in the design their  red push button technology where you can make adjustments by one press of your thumb. The simplest way to adjust handle! When you release the button, the handle locks in place. It’s solid and durable. You can remove the top handle from the cage to reveal a hot shoe adapter for other accessory attachments.

With this cage comes a quick release baseplate with standard 15mm rods system. It’s easy to install and remove the cage, simply insert the baseplate until it clicks and remove it by press the release button on the side. To complete this shoulder mount setup, Shape WLB included a mini composite shoulder pad and a padded back pad for a comfortable and stable position while shooting. Installed at the front of the rods, the quick handle rod block with the Shape WLB red push button technology allow you to make quick set-up adjustments.

Shape WLB included in this kit a 4x4 matte box, and their Follow Focus Friction & Gear Clic for a precise focus. This follow focus is friction and gear, has a unique clamp on system to install in 15mm rods and has a reversible gearbox.


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Shape WLB SONY A7S II/A7R II/A7 II Shoulder Mount, MatteBox and Follow Focus

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