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HDVS-300 Soft Codec Conferencing System

The Atlona AT-UHD-HDVS-300-KIT provides AV switching, USB and HDMI extension, plus integrated system control for huddle spaces and meeting rooms using PC-based conferencing codecs such as Skype® for Business, WebEx®, and GoToMeeting®.

Key Features:

  • Integrates PCs and touch displays as well as USB cameras, mics, and speakerphones
  • 5×1 HDBaseTTM switcher and extender kit for AV, Ethernet, USB, power, and control up to 330 feet (100 meters)
  • Two HDMI®, one VGA, and one DisplayPort input, plus HDMI input at receiver
  • Bi-directional USB 2.0 extension with USB hubs at transmitter and receiver
  • 4K/UHD capability @ 60 Hz with 4:2:0 chroma subsampling

The transmitter and receiver kit offers 5x video inputs for HDMI, DisplayPort, & analog video signals

To simplify conference room device management, the kit provides two USB type B connectors for host computers. Two built-in USB hubs, one on the transmitter and one on the receiver, allow for numerous Human Interface Devices (HID) as well as USB cameras, microphones, and speakerphones. For the HDMI inputs, the HDVS-300-KIT is compatible with sources and displays up to 4K/UHD @ 60 Hz with 4:2:0 color subsampling. Audio, video, data, control, USB, and Ethernet transmission between the two devices is carried over a single, Ethernet-enabled HDBaseT link up to 330 feet (100 meters).

Streamlined AV Systems for Meetings and Conferencing

Simple meetings demand simple systems. Attendees want to walk into a meeting space, open their laptop, and start a cloud-based conference.But to get quality results, systems are designed with AV Extenders, USB extenders, USB hubs, remote controls, cameras, microphones and all the associated cable runs. The HDVS-300-KIT was designed to eliminate the clutter and system complexity in huddle spaces and meeting rooms where USB cameras and microphones are incorporated into professional AV systems with just two devices and a single category cable. This kit also excels in hybrid rooms where a traditional HDVS system is required for in-person meetings as well as video conferencing.

Surface mounting brackets are provided with the HDVS-300-KIT for easy installation of the transmitter below a conference table.

Atlona PTZ Camera for HDVS-300 System

The AT-HDVS-CAM is a PTZ camera recommended for use with the HDVS-300-KIT. It can be purchased for an existing HDVS-300-KIT installation, or in an HDVS-300 system package as the AT-UHD-HDVS-300-C-KIT. A single SKU, for a soft codec conferencing system with PTZ camera makes it simple and convenient to specify for meeting or instructional spaces throughout a facility, building, or campus. At the same time, system designers bypass the time and effort in selecting and purchasing third-party conferencing cameras.

Automatic Display Control

The HDVS-300-KIT provides control to a display through TCP/IP, RS-232 pass-through, or CEC*, without the need for a separate control system. This simplifies system design and integration while reducing costs. With automatic display control, the HDVS-300-KIT can trigger a display to power on automatically whenever a laptop or other device is connected. At the end of the presentation, when the presenter disconnects the laptop, the HDVS-300-KIT forces the display to power off. Ease of presenter interaction with the system, and the savings incurred by automatic display shutdown provide a significant return on investment. The HDVS-300-KIT display control capability can also be triggered by an external control system.

A power button on the front panel can be used for manual on/off control of either the HDVS-300-KIT or the display. Front panel volume controls are also available to control the display’s internal audio, or another device with volume control, such as a DSP or another switcher.

* Atlona does not guarantee the function of CEC with all televisions.

Reliable Auto-Switching

The HDVS-300-KIT automatically selects an input source based on detection of the 5 volt hot plug detect (HPD) signal, as well as active video. This ensures reliable auto-switching operation for all video sources, including DVRs, DisplayPort / Mini DisplayPort adapters, and other devices that always maintain the HPD line at the 5 volt “high” state but may not be delivering active video.


  • Teleconferencing with soft codecs

    The switching transmitter is situated at a conference table for presenters to connect their laptops and integrate a USB mic or speakerphone, while the receiver is connected to the display and a USB camera.

  • Touch and interactive displays

    The HDVS-300-KIT is also ideal for extending USB connectivity from a touch display to a PC at the transmitter location.

Configured and Managed by AMS

The Atlona Management System (AMS) is a powerful network software platform ideal for configuring, managing, and monitoring the HDVS-300-KIT and other Atlona IP-controllable devices over a LAN, WAN, or VPN. AMS is available free from Atlona, and greatly streamlines installation and maintenance of several Atlona products throughout a facility or enterprise, from a standard web browser.

Additional Features:

  • Integrates PCs and touch displays as well as USB cameras, mics, and speakerphones for presentations and teleconferences
  • AV switcher with USB hub and Ethernet-enabled, extended distance HDBaseT extension
  • Receiver with additional HDMI input, USB hub, and PoE
  • Bi-directional USB 2.0* extension between conference table and display
  • Automatic display control
  • Automatic input selection using video detection technology
  • EDID management and HDCP management 
  • 4K/UHD capability*
  • AV, Ethernet, USB, power and control over HDBaseT
  • Power over Ethernet for remotely powering the transmitter
  • Ethernet control
  • Easy, GUI-based configuration using integrated web server
  • Multi-channel audio compliant
  • Rack-mountable, 1U, half rack width enclosure (TX only)
  • Works with AMS
  • Award-winning 10 year limited product warranty

*4K/UHD capability is supported through the HDMI inputs. The DisplayPort input accepts signals up to 1080p resolution.

What's Included

AT-UHD-HDV5-300-TX Transmitter
AT-UHD-HDV5-300-RX Receiver
Desktop Power Supply
Detachable Power Cable
Mounting Bracket
User Guide


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Atlona HDVS-300-KIT Soft Codec Conferencing System

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