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Product Highlights
  • 360Ws Power
  • Up to 1/8000 Sec. HSS High Speed Sync
  • Up to 10,000 Sec. Flash Duration
  • 300 Full Power Flashes
  • 0.05-4s Recycle Time
  • Built-In Wireless TTL Radio Receiver
  • 236' at ISO 100 Guide Number
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TTL Lithium-Ion Self Contained Flash Head

Highly Portable Compact and Light-Weight Design

Photographers – particularly wedding and portrait photographers – are going to love the fact that the BRiHT-360 allows them to go totally wireless. This amazing self-contained portable electronic flash system for Canon and Nikon, with an output of 360 Ws, delivers TTL, High Speed Sync flash up to 1/8000sec, is capable of 300 full power flashes, and is equipped with a built-in LED modeling light and wireless receiver.

The BRiHT-360 features a built-in interchangeable battery in a small and light-weight form, yet it is a powerful 360-watt class bare bulb flash with faster recycle time. The reliable 2.4GHz SMDV FlashWave radio receiver is built into the capable bare bulb flash.

Key Features:

  • 360W powerful flash
  • E-TTL / i-TTL wireless auto control
  • HSS 1/8000sec
  • RPT multi flash
  • Flash output control on camera wirelessly
  • Speedlight compatible
  • Lithium-ion powerful flash
  • 7W LED modeling light
  • 80 channel built-in receiver
  • A/B/C/D four flashes remote control

What’s so bright about the BRiHT-360?

Here at Vistek, we’ve tested a lot of lights. Our overall reaction to the BRiHT-360 and its many brilliant accessories is unanimous. “It’s awesome!” We think you’ll find that’s it awesome, too. Especially, the price. Because the BRiHT-360 is a lighting unit that can compete with units twice the price.

B = Bare Bulb design
R = Remote Controllable
i = integrated battery
= HSS Capable
T = TTL Capable
360 = 360 W/s of power!

  • User guide available here.


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SMDV BRiHT-360 TTL Lithium-Ion Self Contained Flash Head with BR-120 Standard Reflector

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