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The new Ranger Quadra Hybrid AS RX is a compact portable 400Ws battery flash system for studio and outdoor use. With the Lead-Gel battery included in this kit, the whole pack weighs 3kg and allows you 150 flashes at full power.
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The new Ranger Quadra Hybrid AS RX is a compact portable 400Ws battery flash system for studio and outdoor use.

Complete with fast recycling times, wireless trigger and remote options via the EL-Skyport, the Quadra Hybrid is the perfect system for anyone who likes to work away from a main power source. Elinchrom's latest firmware manages flash power consistency, remote power variation, LED modelling lamps and even more RX features than are currently available on any other unit.

The choice of the battery is up to the you:  Lead-Gel batteries for low-temperature robustness, or Lithium-Ion batteries for light weight and high flash capacity. With the Lead-Gel battery included in this kit, the whole pack weighs 3kg and allows you 150 flashes at full power while being a compact 15 x 8.5 x 21cm.

Two heads are available for the RQ system: an A (Action) head for action freezing flash durations and an S(Standard) head for general purpose photography. The Action heads in this set are ideal for sport photography, fashion photography and Action Freezing photography.

What's New

  • Take full control of your units settings with the EL-Skyport App* for iPod Touch, iPad, and iPhone via the optional WiFi module
  • The Ranger Quadra Hybrid AS RX is compatible with Lead-Gel and Lithium-Ion batteries
  • Bright LED on the RQ Hybrid Flash Heads

Key Features

  • Built-in EL-Skyport radio receiver for triggering
  • EL-Skyport with 8 frequency channels with 4 groups compatible with the ELS Transmitter Speed
  • EL-Skyport Speed Sync mode for synchronization up to a 1/320s on enabled SLR cameras
  • Additional features can be found when used with EL-Skyport software such as Flash-Delay for strobing effects
  • Two power outlets – 2 : 1 ratio, single high-power channel and single super-fast channel
  • Pre-flash detector system to enable the use of Quadra Hybrid with speedlights
  • Programmable ready-beep function
  • Auto energy saver
  • 5V sync socket for maximum protection of digital cameras
  • Only 2kg with Lithium battery and 3kg with Lead-Gel
  • Super small and lightweight heads – compact and only 0.25kg
  • LED modelling lamp
  • Action flashtube for sharper images – reach an incredible 1/5700th of a second with an Action head
  • With the EL-Reflector Adapter all accessories and Rotalux softboxes up to 135cm can be used


Product Specifications

Detailed Specifications
Energy 400 Ws/J
Power distribution Asymmetrical 2 :1 ratio
(1m, 100 ISO, reflector 48°)
At 100% : 64.5
Power range f-stop 6,6
Power range Ws 100% : 25 - 400 — 66% : Output A : 17 - 268 — 33% : Output B : 8.2 - 132
Power range 1/1 – 1/32
Power increments in f-stop 1/10 to programmable 5/10 – 1/1
Flash duration t0.5 at max. power: RQ S / A head Output A (100%) : 1/1200 / 1/2800s — Output B (33%) : 1/3000 / 1/5700s
Output A+B (100%) : 1/1500 / 1/4000s
Recycling, FAST Output A : 0.41 - 2.26s — Output B : 0.18 - 0.8s
Recycling, SLOW Output A : 0.95 - 7.8s — Output B : 0.37 - 2.7s
Colour temperature at max. power 5500 °K
 Auto Power Dumping Adjusts power settings automatically
 Power stability ± 0.5%
 Modelling lamp mode On, off, programmable timer and continuous
Flashes out of one charged battery at min. power,
SLOW / FAST recycle
2000 / 1500
Flashes out of one charged battery at max. power,
SLOW / FAST recycle
140 / 110
Battery Lead-Gel 12 V / 3.6 Ah
Quick charger recharge time 2 hours (approx.)
EL-Skyport (Built-in) Integrated transceiver, 8 frequency channels and 4 groups with full RX features
Sync voltage 5 V (compatible with all cameras)
Sync socket 3.5 mm jack
Dimensions 15 x 8.5 x 21 cm (Ranger Quadra Hybrid including Battery box)
Weight 3 kg (Ranger Quadra Hybrid unit including Battery box)
Supplied with Battery box, Charger, Sync cord and Shoulder Strap

Questions & Answers

Elinchrom Ranger Quadra AS RX Hybrid Lead Gel Pro Set with Ranger Quadra AS/RX Pack 2 x RQ A Heads, 1x Trans,

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