Product Highlights
  • Fits DSLR/Adapters & other accessories
  • 33 x 56 x 29 cm (13 x 22 x 11.42") Exterior
  • 33 x 56 x 29 cm (13 x 22 x 11.42") Interior
  • Up to 15" Laptop/10" Tablet Compartment
  • Nylon/Leather/Polyester/EVA Foam/Aluminum Material (Exterior)
  • Nylon Material (Interior)
  • 2.05 kg (4.5 lbs) Weight
  • Weather Resistant
  • Kit Includes Camera Cube, Wash Pouch, Tech Pouch & Packing Cubes
Peak Design Travel Backpack 45L w/ Sm & Md Packing Cubes, Tech & Wash Pouches and Lg Camera Cube - SAGE Peak Design Travel Backpack 45L w/ Sm & Md...
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Travel Backpack 45L

A versatile, durable, and beautiful carry-on travel backpack driven by a simple truth: no two trips are the same. Features top, side, front and rear access via intuitively placed weatherproof zips. Meets international carry-on size requirements, but expands to be a 45L gear-hauler and collapses to be a 35L day bag, making it unmatched for 1-bag travel. Tons of internal and external pockets, plus a main cavity that’s divisible via a zippered mesh sleeve. Tuck-away shoulder straps and hip belt use unique magnetic catches to stay magically in-place when checking your bag. 360-degree grab handles. Cleverly concealed external carry straps. All packed within a sleek, weatherproof 100% recycled 400D nylon canvas shell.

A feature-rich system of packing tools (sold separately) provide endlessly customizable organization and protection of clothes, shoes, toiletries, cords, adapters, and photo/video gear.

Reimagined Organization

Front organizational panel four-zippered mesh pockets for small and flat items. Rigid sidewalls and full-back panel load for organized packing. Zippered dividing panel separates bag into two compartments or merge into one.

Impressive Capacity

Meets international max carry-on standards in default 35L configuration.

  • Dual expansion zips give 10L extra volume for 45L max storage.
  • Compression snaps reduce bag to 30L for use as a day bag.
  • Dual external carry straps stowe away in magnetic external pouch.
  • Expand the side pockets to store water bottles, tripods.

Unparalleled Protection

400D weatherproof material. 100% recycled nylon canvas shell and DWR impregnated, PU-coated interior equals zero rainwater.

  • Oversized #10 front and #8 back zippers are weatherproof and lockable. Rugged 900D weatherproof bottom liner.
  • Ultra-light padded foam provides security, structure, and aesthetic cleanliness throughout. Protected luggage tag holder included.

Dual Side Access

Dual side zippers for instant camera and item access.

Pockets for Days

Top and side soft-lined, zippered stash pockets conveniently stash items.

Laptop Carry

Quick tablet and laptop access using the main back zip.

Perfect Form

Perfect Form: Our bag holds its shape and sits upright, packed or empty.

Syncs with Accessories

Camera cubes, sold separately, fit snugly inside. Complete access of photography, drone, or video gear.

Camera Cube

Ultra-protective yet easily accessible, Peak Design Camera Cubes take the pain and hassle out of traveling with photo, video, or drone gear.

Designed to mount securely in any Peak Design Travel Bag, Camera Cubes give you custom organization and protection, whether you’re carrying a small mirrorless kit or a full professional creative setup. A range of different protective, low-profile FlexFold dividers give best-in-class customizability. A tear-away main opening has a tuck-away flap for faster access when the cubes are packed in your bag. Medium and Large cubes feature dual side zips, giving you additional access points. Movable pocket for filters, lens caps, and small stuff. A weatherproof recycled 400D nylon canvas shell with high-density foam sub-lining keep your gear safe and sound.

Instant Access

Tear-away main opening with tuck-away flap. Dual side access hatches for medium and large sizes.


Effortless Compatibility

C-clip mounting system keeps cube rigidly in place. Fits in all Travel Bags.
External loops are compatible with any Peak Design strap, sold separately.


FlexFold dividers enable customizable organization an protection. Vertically stack items for maximal capacity. Floating pocket stores lens caps, filters, and other small items.

Convenient Carry

Exterior grab handles for easy grab and go.

High-Grade Durability

Weatherproof 400D with 100% recycled nylon canvas shell. Sturdy #8 zips included.

Wash Pouch

Dopp kit, ditty bag, toiletry bag, call it what you will—it’s one of the most essential travel carry tools, and can also be one of the most frustrating. In designing Wash Kit, we aimed to create the perfect balance between elegant simplicity and thoughtful functionality. Sits upright on the counter or hangs via a stowable hook, always giving total visibility and access to your toiletries. A network of internal TPU-coated nylon mesh pockets, along with a magnetically-sealed toothbrush pocket, external razor pocket, and internal zippered pouch, keep items organized and clean. All pockets easily turn inside out for quick cleaning.

Versatile Storage

  • Fits various sizes and shapes
  • Internal pocket layout for toiletry items
  • Magnetically sealed toothbrush pocket includes pull-out lining
  • External pocket for razor storage

Perfect Form

Sits upright when open. Packed or empty.

Optimally Sized

Small footprint fits it in tight spaces.

Dependable Security

Silicone-coated mesh internal pockets keep items clean and dry. Stowable aluminum hook to hang pouch.

Convenient Carry

Exterior grab handle included.


100% recycled 200D nylon and DWR impregnated shell for long-lasting use and carry. Sturdy, oversized #8 weatherproof zip.

Tech Pouch

Whether storing cables, everyday gear, or travel essentials, Tech Pouch offers unrivaled organization and ease of access. Origami-style pockets create enormous spatial efficiency, letting you pack more into a smaller space while keeping your items neatly organized and easy to find. Elastic accessory loops keep items like pens, knives, SD cards, and batteries always within reach. Exterior handles and a clamshell-style opening make this pouch a delight to hold and access. External zip pocket has a cable pass-through for easy device charging. The 200D recycled nylon canvas shell is weatherproof and aesthetically clean.

Reimagined Organization

Origami-style internal pocket layouts for aesthetic and sleek organization.


Smaller accessory pockets to store pens, SD cards, batteries, and more. External passport and document pocket included.

Syncs with Gear

Anchor attachment points connect to Peak Design straps, sold separately.

Pockets for Days

Various top and side soft-lined, zippered stash pockets for items.

Perfect Form

Bag holds its shape. Sits upright, packed or empty.

Built for Tech

Cable pass-through for charging devices.

Weatherproof Durability

100% recycled 200D nylon and DWR impregnated shell. Water resistant. Oversized, sturdy #8 weatherproof zip.

Packing Cube

Compressible, easy to access, and instantly dividable, Peak Design Packing Cubes are functionally and aesthetically unmatched. A unique tear-away zipper lets you access contents quickly, unlike standard packing cubes with U-zip openings. An internal divider lets you separate clean and dirty clothes, and allows each compartment to expand/contract based on its contents. And, an expansion/compression zip provides additional space, or the ability to compress contents once packed. Outer shell is a beautiful, self-healing 70D nylon/poly blend.

Available in Small and Medium sizes. Designed for use in any suitcase or bag, and sized to fit perfectly in any bag in the Peak Design Travel Line.

Fast Access

Ultra-fast tear-away for main opening. Top and bottom handles for easy opening. Access secondary opening via straight zip for dirty clothes storage.

Controllable Expansion

Increase or compress space using expansion and compression zipper.


Exterior: Ultralight, 100% recycled weatherproof 70D nylon & poly shell. Abrasion and rip-resistant coating. 
Interior: Silicone-coated mesh internal pockets keep items clean and dry.


Small footprint fits it in tight spaces.

What's Included

Wash Pouch (Sage) 
Packing Cube (Small)
Camera Cube (Large)  
Travel Backpack 45L  (Sage)
Packing Cube (Medium)
Tech Pouch (Sage)
View Kit Components
Wash Pouch Sage
Packing Cube Small
Camera Cube Large
Travel Backpack 45L - Sage
Packing Cube Medium
Tech Pouch Sage


Product Specifications

Travel Backpack 45L

Material Construction (Exterior) Aluminum/Leather/Nylon/Polyester/Steel/EVA Foam
Material Construction (Interior) Nylon
Exterior Dimensions 33 x 56 x 29 cm (13 x 22 x 11.42")
Interior Dimensions 33 x 56 x 29 cm (13 x 22 x 11.42")
Weight 2.05 kg (4.5 lbs)
Closure Zipper

Camera Cube (Large)

Material Construction Nylon
Dimensions 32 x 46 x 17 cm (12.6 x 18 x 6.7")
Weight 1 kg (2.2 lbs)
Closure Zipper

Wash Pouch

Material Construction Nylon, EVA Foam, Hypalon
Exterior Dimensions 15.2 x 26 x 11 cm (6 x 10.2 x 4.3")
Interior Dimensions 15.2 x 26 x 11 cm (6 x 10.2 x 4.3")
Weight 0.24 kg (0.5 lbs)
Closure Zipper

Tech Pouch

Material Construction Nylon, EVA Foam, Hypalon
External Dimensions 15.2 x 24 x 10.2 cm (6 x 9.5 x 4")
Internal Dimensions 15.2 x 24 x 10.2 cm (6 x 9.5 x 4")
Weight 0.28 kg (0.61 lbs)
Closure Zipper
Weather Resistant Yes

Packing Cube (Medium)

Material Construction Nylon
Dimensions (Max) 32 x 32 x 17 cm (12.6 x 12.6 x 6.7")
Dimensions (Min) 32 x 32 x 8 cm (12.6 x 12.6 x 3.1")
Weight 0.14 kg (0.30 lbs)
Closure Zipper

Packing Cube (Small)

Material Construction Nylon
Dimensions (Max) 32 x 17 x 17 cm (12.6 x 6.7 x 6.7")
Dimensions (Min) 32 x 17 x 8 cm (12.6 x 6.7 x 3.1")
Weight 0.11 kg (0.24 lbs)
Closure Zipper

Questions & Answers

Peak Design Travel Backpack 45L w/ Sm & Md Packing Cubes, Tech & Wash Pouches and Lg Camera Cube - SAGE

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