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  • Accessories: 2 batteries, charger, 4m flash ext cable, varistar umbrella & dish,
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Kit includes: Ranger A Speed-Head, Ranger RX Speed, Multivoltage Quickcharger, Shoulder Strap, Synchron Cord, EL-Skyport Transceiver RX Adapter, Varistar Umbrella 85 & 105 cm, Grid Reflector 60° 18 cm & EL Carrying Case
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Elinchrom Ranger RX Speed Kit (SpeedPack AHead,2xBat.,Case) idRef,VariS Elinchrom Ranger RX Speed Kit (SpeedPack...
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Ranger A Speed-Head

The Ranger A Head (SPEED) offers a unique super short flash duration with a single, twin electrode A-Flashtube to ensure even light distribution. The Ranger A Head is the perfect choice for "Action Freezing" photography up to a 1/5120 s when the  A-Head is plugged into the Ranger Speed AS super fast channel B.

  • On/Off Switch for the 50 W / 12 V Halogen Modelling Light
  • Modelling Light modes, 15 s, 30 s or off
  • Long life - high quality Speed A Flashtube, UV coated
  • Centred Umbrella fitting
  • Weight: 2.4 kg (incl. 3 m flash cable)
  • Dimension: 22 x 13.5 cm

Ranger RX Speed

The upgraded Ranger RX unit, plus the new Speed and Speed AS units are designated RX because they may be operated by remote control – by computer or by a handset – enormously increasing the ease of use on location. The basic unit has an improved “fast” recycling sequence and the Speed unit will recycle to full power in 2.9 seconds plus up to 250 flashes.

The Speed unit is available with either 2:1 asymmetrical or symmetrical output. It incorporates the most advanced miniaturised components weighing in at only 8 Kg – much lighter and smaller than any comparable unit. The same modified circuitry has permitted an extension of its power range to 7 f-stop, with enhanced stability. We believe these will be the units to which others will be compared.

Multivoltage Quickcharger Ranger RX / AS

Use the Multivoltage Quickcharger only with the 12 V / 12 Ah Gel-Electrolyte Battery for Ranger RX Speed and Speed AS.

  • Compatible with Ranger RX Speed / Speed AS  with 12 V / 12 Ah Gel-Electrolyte Battery.
  • Recharge Time: 3 h depending on the Battery condition.

Ranger RX Shoulder Strap

Fits to Ranger RX  / Speed / Speed AS

Synchron Cord PC-3.5 / 5 m

Camera PC > 3.5 mm jack  / 5 m

EL units with 3.5 mm sync plug: Style, Style S, Style BX/FX, BXRi 250/500 , Style RX,  D-Lite 2/4 Chic 1/2, Digital 1/2, Digital RX 1200/2400 & Ranger Quadra AS.

EL-Skyport Transceiver RX Adapter

The EL-Skyport Transceiver RX Adapter is required when the Ranger RX / Speed / Speed AS are used with the EL-Skyport Transceiver RX for remote and trigger options.

EL Carrying Case - Ranger RX / Digital RX

This version carries 1 Power Pack, 2 Flashheads, Cables and 2 Reflectors 16 cm

Grid Reflector 60° 18 cm

This universal reflector combines a high output with a good spread of light. Now with internal recess for push in high efficiency grids. Exist in 21 cm as well.

Note: The Grid Reflector 18 cm accepts the EL-Modelling Lamp 100W / E27 (effective 150 W light output), when used with Grids.

Varistar Umbrella 85 & 105 cm

The multitalented umbrella for in and out of studio use. Easy to erect, lightweight and fits into most Elinchrom carrying bags. The umbrella comes with protective bag and the Varistar Set includes one VariStar Reflector 24 cm (26164). Ideal for industrial, portraits and groups. Varistar is even in light distribution due to its central positioning over reflector and flashtube.

The Varistar Set 85 or 105 cm includes:

  • 1x Varistar Umbrella 85 or 105 cm
  • 1x Varistar Reflector 26 cm
  • 1x Protection Carrying Bag




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Elinchrom Ranger RX Speed Kit (SpeedPack AHead,2xBat.,Case) idRef,VariS

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