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Product Highlights
  • 8K 3D 360° Video & Image Capture
  • 6-Lens 360° Video and Photo Capture
  • Simultaneious Recording & Live-Streaming
  • 300-1000m (984-3281') Transmission Distance
  • 8K 2D Video (7680x7680) at 30 fps HDR
  • 8K 3D Video (7680x6400) at 30 fps
  • Kit includes Pro 2 camera, Farsight transmitter & receiver
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Insta360 Pro 2

The ultimate tool for professional VR filmmaking. Using six lenses, the Pro 2 covers every angle, and captures 2x 8K videos simultaneously. Together, they create immersive, life-like experiences. 60 & 120 fps modes keep action smooth. New in-camera HDR means that lighting stays natural, even when conditions vary in every direction.

Key Features:

  • 8K 3D VR
  • Farsight Live Monitoring
  • FlowState™ Stabilization
  • HDR Video + Photo
  • 120 Mbps Per Lens
  • CrystalView 8K Playback
  • “No-Stitch” Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Spherical Audio

Ready for 3D capture

FlowState™ Stabilization

No stitching. No wait. Just start your edit.

Full Integration with Adobe Premiere Pro

Curve Adjustment

Compatible with 3D, aerial and first-person-view shooting

Capture the world as we see it.

In-Camera HDR compression

Every detail. In every direction.

120Mbps-per-lens Bitrate

Long range. Low latency. Live control.

Farsight 360° Live Monitoring

  • 3 hrs/charge

    Supports external power

  • 5.18GHz

    Built to cut through the noise

  • 1080p

    High-res, real-time preview

Deliver what you really shot.

Why shoot 8K if your viewers are on a headset or smartphone that can only render 4K? Insta360’s new CrystalView player solves this problem.
It lets viewers watch 8K 360° video in full quality on Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Go, and mainstream iOS and Android phones.

Clear and crisp. Any way you look at it.

CrystalView 8K Playback

CrystalView works by converting your footage into a specially segmented sphere.
When a viewer plays it back in this format, their device will render exactly the area of the scene they’re looking at — in full 8K quality — adapting in real time as they look around.

Hear it like you’re there.

Onboard Spherical Audio Capture

Four built-in mics capture full-sphere Ambisonic audio

Plays nice with your mic.

Zoom H2N Ready

Purpose-built mounting points for industry-favored 360° audio tools

What's Included

Pro 2 Panoramic Camera
Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery
DC Adapter
AC Cable
LAN Cable
USB Type-C Cable
Shoulder Strap
1/4" to 1/4" Adapter
USB 2.0 to 100 Mbps Ethernet Network Adapter
2x Antennas
Lens Protective Case
Travel Case
Farsight Transmitter
Farsight Receiver

USB to DC Cable
2x Power Adapters
2x Micro-USB to Micro-USB Cable
2x Micro-USB to Type-C Cable
2x Micro-USB to Lightning Cable
Pole Mount
4x Antennas
Ethernet Cable


Product Specifications

Insta360 Pro 2

Lenses 6 x F2.4 fisheye lenses
Storage 6 x MicroSD cards + 1 x Full SD card
Power 12V 5A adapter
Material Aluminum alloy
Exposure modes Auto, Manual, Lens-by-Lens Custom, Shutter Priority (photo only), ISO Priority (photo only)
Diameter φ143mm
Weight 1550g
ISO Range 100~6400
Battery Capacity 5100mAh removable battery
White Balance Modes Auto, Manual
Bitrate per lens Up to 120Mbps
Video Files MP4
Video Coding H264 in-camera, H265 available when post stitching
Video Post-processing Stitching:
7680 x 3840 @30 fps HDR (8K 2D)
7680 x 7680 @30 fps (8K 3D)
7680 x 3840 @60 fps (8K 2D)
6400 x 6400 @60 fps (6K 2D/3D)
3840 x 3840 @120 fps (4K 2D/3D Binning)

Real-time Stitching:
3840 x 3840 @30 fps (3D)
3840 x 1920@30fps(2D)
Live-streaming Protocol rtsp、rtmp、hls
Live-streaming Modes Built-in server \ Custom server \ HDMI output
Note: Simultaneous live-streaming + recording is supported.
Video Modes Standard \ Binning
Note: i-Log is available in all modes and HDR is available in some modes.
Photo Files JPEG / DNG
Photos Real-time Stitching
7680 x 7680(3D)
7680 x 3840(2D)
Post-Processing Stitching
7680 x 7680 (3D)
7680 x 3840 (2D)
12000 x 12000 12K Super High-Res
(Multi-Photo Composite) (2D/3D)
Photo Modes Single shot \ Burst (10 continuous shots) \ Timelapse \
AEB (Auto Exposure Bracket, optional 3, 5, 7, and 9 photos for in-camera HDR photos)
Note: Raw and JPG are both available in all modes
Video Transmission Insta360 Farsight provides ground-to-ground range of up to 300 meters and ground-to-air range of up to 1000 meters, with 30 FPS preview.
Stabilization Ultra-precise 9-axis gyroscope
Image Stabilization FlowState stabilization
Antennae GPS signal antenna + WiFi signal antenna
GPS Built-in module
Ethernet Port Yes
Control software Windows / Mac / iOS / Android
WiFi specifications 802.11 b/g/n, 2.4GHz. Signal range is about 20 meters in open space. Max preview framerate of 30 FPS, supported in roughly 5-meter range.
Audio 4 Mono Mic
Video Color Space YUVJ420P,offering a wide color range
Audio coding format AAC
Spatial audio Ambisonic
Stitching Optical Flow / Template
Exposure Range 12 stop
Proxy File Six low-res proxy files (one per lens) automatically saved in video mode; tailored for smooth editing in Adobe Premire Pro

Questions & Answers

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