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5500 Series 5MP 1/2 Sensor Visible IR Corrected M12

Key Features:

  • 5.0mm focal length visible - IR Corrected performance
  • 5 MP 1/2 sensor optical design
  • High performance 5MP image quality in visible to near zero light; broadcast, OEM, machine vision, security, med process applications.
  • High performance Broadcast quality imaging.
  • High performance MTF > 70% at center field; > 63% at full field

Better image quality, sharper image to the corners, almost no observed visual distortion.

  • New compact mechanical, smooth tactile adjustment CS-Mount housing
  • M12 Mount / S-Mount / CS-Mount models
  • Glass optics
  • Anodized aluminum housing
  • RoHS compliant


Product Specifications

V-555.0-5MP-VIS-IR M12

Basic System Parameters

Focal Length 5.0mm ± 0.1mm
Back Focal Length 6.2mm ± 5%
Flange Back Length 6.1mm ± 0.3mm
Full Field of View 99.4°
F-Number 2.0
Sensor Model No. IMX178LQJ (5M 4:3)
Sensor Model Size (DxHxV) 7.78 x 6.22 x 4.67 mm
Wavelengths 486.1nm~656.3nm / 780nm, 850nm
M12 Total Track Length (TTL) 30 mm
M12 Over All Length (OAL) 24.1 mm
Barrel Thread / Mount Format M12 X P0.5 & CS-Mount

Lens System

Number of Elements 8 components 8 elements
Coating MgF2 Element 1~8 (SLAR Coating)
Image Circle Error >=8.0mm
M12 Out Diameter (OD) Ø17.0

Optical Performance

Relative Illumination 63%
MTF as a function of line pairs / mm MTF≥0.733 at 100 (LP/mm)
MTF(T)≥0.640 at 100 (LP/mm)
MTF(S)≥0.677 at 100 (LP/mm)
Optical Distortion < -34.0%

Questions & Answers

Marshall Electronics V-555.0-5MP-VIS-IR M12 5.0mm F2.0 1/2" 5MP M12 Lens M12 Mount

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