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Product Highlights
  • Designed for DSLR, Mirrorless & Pocket Cinema Cameras
  • 4.2 kg (9.3 lbs) Payload Capacity
  • 1.4 kg (3.1 lbs) Weight
  • 230 x 240 x 470 mm (9.1 x 0.2 x 18.5") Dimensions
  • 16 hrs Battery Life
90 Day Warranty: Details
Gudsen MOZA Air 2 3-Axis Gimbal Gudsen MOZA Air 2 3-Axis Gimbal
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More power. More control. More runtime.

Moza Air 2 with 4-Axis Stabilization

Empowered by the newly optimized high torque motors and the new generation FOC technology, MOZA Air 2 is capable of handling most DSLRs, mirrorless cameras and pocket sinema cameras, weighing up to 4.2 kg (9 lbs). This allows you the freedom to choose from a wider range of camera and lens combinations and accessories. Four high-rate Li-Ion 18650 rechargeable batteries give the MOZA Air 2 a maximum runtime of 16 hours. You can easily bring extra batteries with you to last through a whole day of filming.

Key Features:

  • For DSLRs, mirrorless cameras and pocket cinema cameras weighing up to 9 lbs(4.2kg)
  •  A maximum runtime of 16 hours
  • An angled motor arm for an unobstructed view of the camera's screen
  • Compatible with MOZA iFocus wireless lens control systems
  • Shoot Motion Time-Lapse With MOZA Assistant App 
  • Multiple Operation Modes

* Follow Focus pictured not included.

Unleash Your Creativity


MOZA SPARK Power Supply System

The MOZA SPARK Power Supply System equips the MOZA Air 2 with four power ports. The input port allows for alternative ways to power your gimbal, and the output ports provide ways to power the camera and other accessories like follow focus, LED lights, and monitors. The newly added Battery Management System (BMS) has greatly enhanced the Air 2's working time while powering the MOZA Air 2 and accessories.


Smart Time-Lapse

With comprehensively upgraded time-lapse functions, there are up to 20 optimizations that can help users easily film various personalized and professional types of time-lapses, such as motion-lapse, tracking time-lapse, zoom time-lapse and more. All your inspiration can be captured bay the MOZA Air 2.

4-Axis and 8 Follow Modes

With the free combination of 3-axis and 8 follow modes, various cool shooting modes such as Inception Mode, FPV Mode, Sport Gear Mode, Panorama and Tracking are available. The iFOCUS is the 4th axis of MOZA Air 2, offering focus and zoom control when connected with the MOZA Air 2. There's no limit to your creativity anymore.

Auto-Tuning for Optimal Performance

The efficient AI calculation system enables the MOZA App to select the optimal parameters based on the total weight on your gimbal, reducing the inconveniece of readjusting.

Easy to Balance

The MOZA Air 2 features a visually identifiable balancing information that can help guide users to adjust the gimbal to the optimal balancing parameters. Save a lot of time and energy to open up more possibilities and create more. MOZA Air 2 also comes with the mechanical memory quick release system, which can help you move the camera among different fixtures without rebalancing. Only adjust once at the start and you are set to go.

Compact Design

The MOZA Air 2 features an angled motor arm, which gives you an unobstructed view of the camera's screen and more room to balance camera setups. This makes it easier to frame your shots and follow the action. 12 physical buttons not only provide the most intuitive, fast and comprehensive operation experience, but also control settings such as recording, zoom, focus, ISO, shutter, aperture, exposure compensation and white balance.

Intelligent Operations

Customize the Joystick, smart wheel and smart trigger of the MOZA Air 2 to fit your shooting style. Five sets of customized gimbal parameters can be saved according to your needs to make ever-changing combinations. An intelligent OLED display provides intuitive information feedback, accurately indicates the gimbal and camera parameters.

More Expansion Possibilities

The 1/4" screw holes at the bottom and back of the handgrip offer expansions for your device. The gimbal can be mounted to a tripod, slider, jib, crane or anything else with universal connection.


  • Canon

    1DX / 5D Mark II / 5D Mark III / 5D Mark IV / 6D Mark II / 77D

  • Sony

    RX10II / RX10III / RX100M4 / A5100 / A6300 / A6500 / A7S / A7S II / A7R / A7R II / A7 II / A7 III / A7M3 / A7R3

  • Nikon

    D800 / D850 / Z6 / Z7

  • Panasonic

    GH3 / GH4 / GH5

What’s New?

  • Added electronic focus support for Nikon D850, Z6, and Z7 with supported Nikkor lenses.
  • Added adaptive speed adjustment support for Nikon D850, Z6 and Z7.
  • Added aperture, shutter and ISO adjustment support for Nikon D850, Z6 and Z7.
  • Added photo taking, video recording and parameter adjustment support like aperture, shutter and ISO for Canon EOS R.
  • Added live view switch support for Nikon D850.
  • Added increment parameter adjustment support and more comprehensive control range for
  • Canon and Nikon cameras.
  • Added autofocus support in video recording for Canon, Sony and Nikon cameras.
  • Fixed other minor bugs.

How to update:

MOZA Air 2 Firmware Upgrade via Computer

MOZA Ecosystem

Moza Air 2 includes a newly designed versatile and adaptable modular ecosystem to allow filmmakers to operate in whatever way is most productive for them. This means you can use the MOZA Thumb Controller, iFOCUS, camera cage, camera backpack, dual handle to distribute control of gimbal pointing, FIZ and camera controls in whatever way makes sense for your shot.


Inteligent Wireless Lens Control Systems

When combining the iFOCUS with the MOZA AIR 2, the following functions are available:

Auto Focus Shifting & Auto Zoom

You can preset the focus and focus shift duration from the starting point to the ending point, and the follow focus system will automatically shift focus according to the set parameters while the photographer operates the gimbal.

iFOCUS Features:

  • The motor weighs only 198g and has a built-in battery that can last up to 24 hours.
  • The systems provide high-precision wireless control up to 100m.
  • iFocus motor can accurately stop automatically at the set points when rack focusing.
  • Wireless follow focus handunit is perfectly compatible with various gimbals such as Air 2 / Air / Aircross.


Product Specifications

MOZA Air 2

Max. Payload 4.2kg (9.3lbs)
Gimbal Weight

1.4kg (3.1 lbs)
(battery included) 1.6kg (3.5lbs)

Dimensions 230 x 240 x 470 mm (9.1 x 0.2 x 18.5")
Mechanical Endpoint Range 275 x 360 x 360 (10.8 x 14.2 x 14.2)
Controlled Rotation Range 285 x 60 x 360 (11.2 x 2.4 x 14.2")
Camera Control Interface Mini-10P
Middle Screw Hole 1/4‘ and 3/8’


Battery Model 18650
Capacity 2500mAh
Battery Life 16 hrs
Charger Type 4-slot
Charging Time 5 hrs


Modes FPV Mode
Inception Mode (360° rotation)
Sport Gear Mode (fast follow speed)
Follow Modes
Stop-motion Animation
Motion Timelapse
Zoom Timelapse
Video Recording Control
Photo Taking Control

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Gudsen MOZA Air 2 3-Axis Gimbal

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