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Z CAM Renowned Image Quality

All Z CAM cameras offer renowned image quality from 4K to 8K, depending upon the model, and 4K recordings are super sampled in 6K and 4K, providing superior resolution and colour fidelity without image crop. Z CAM cameras also offer high frame rate recording options in 10-bit ProRes 422 and H.265 quality, as well as support for MP4 and ZRAW internally and external ProRes RAW.


Z CAM Cinema Flagship Series Cameras

Packed with state-of-the art capabilities, each of the Z CAM flagship models is rugged and compact, sharing a standard size, ergonomic operational and interface layout. They all offer intuitive operation, versatile customization and the ability to capture rich cinema-quality video – and they're also perfect for live-streaming applications.

All Z CAM flagship models have the same-size chassis and share the same ergonomics. They utilize CFast 2.0 media and sport a full-size HDMI port for up to 4K monitoring. They also feature a Sony Type L series battery mount, standard Lemo 2-pin power in (DTap included) LAN port, USB-C port, WiFi antenna, CTL ports for triggering, remote and optional TC adapter, dual Lemo XLR audio input with Phantom power, and an auxiliary 12v accessory power-out port.



Z CAM E2-M4 (MFT) 4K Cinema Camera
The E2 M4 has the same 10.28MP MFT sensor and general feature set of the original E2 in a size and ergonomic layout like all other flagship models, plus four assignable buttons on the operator side along with the CFast 2.0 Media Card slot. Audio and Lanc control ports are positioned on the assistant side of the camera. Standard 13 stops DR and up to 120 fps C4K or 150 fps C4K 2.4:1 ProRes 422 internally.


Z CAM E2-S6 (EF) Super 35mm 6K Camera
The S6 is a Super 35 26MP 6K sensor EF-mount flagship model cinema camera. It provides a perfect balance of price and performance, supports 14 stops dynamic range and can do native 6K or super-sampled 4K with no crop up to 75 fps C4k in ProRes 422 internally.


Z CAM E2-F6 (EF) Full Frame 6K Camera
This full-fame 26MP 6K sensor EF- mount flagship model cinema camera is the real rock star of the line: the sensor size allows for large low-light-capable pixels that provide amazing colour and 15 stops dynamic range. The F6 can do native 6K open gate or super-sampled 4K with no crop up to 90 fps C4k in ProRes 422 internally.


Z CAM E2-F8 (EF) Full Frame 8K Camera
The pinnacle of the Z CAM cinema camera line is a full-frame 61MP 8K sensor flagship model. The 8K sensor and record capability can afford massive 4K reframing in post, and it boasts 14 stops dynamic range. The F8 can do native 8K open gate up to 30 fps in H.265 or super-sampled 4K with no crop up to 60 fps C4k in ProRes 422 internally.

Z CAM Unique Operation & Remote Control Capability

Z CAM cameras all have a built-in OLED that can display menus, status, timecode run, audio and battery levels. The OLED  can also display a confidence camera image. To speed up operation, there are programmable function buttons and quick menu buttons. The simple Ops Menu is organized under nine main headings.        
All camera functions can also be controlled in direct mode connected via LAN cable and calling the IP address in the web browser. There is also a companion Apple/Android app, and a device can control all camera function while streaming video to the device either over WiFi or tethered via USB-C.


Z CAM E2 Camera MFT Mount
(the original)

The original Z CAM E2 M4/3 4K cinema camera was first announced in late 2018 and has since garnered wide recognition in the indie production market. An affordable entry-level E2C model was also announced soon after at NAB 2019, now on production hold due to parts availability. Both the original E2 and the E2C have unique smaller bodies than the flagship series. The original E2 and the flagship E2 M4 are virtually identical, other than body size, general ergonomic differences and one unique feature – remote sync capability. The original E2 therefore can be synchronized in either 3D beam split rigs or multi-cam Big Freeze-style applications when you want to fly in real time around a subject Matrix style.

Z CAM Accessories



Z CAM Time Code Adapter for E2 M4 S6 F6 and F8

This Timecode Adapter is designed for use with Z CAM E2 series cameras, allowing you to connect and send an LTC signal via BNC connector from a time-code generator to your camera.



Z CAM eND Module For Z Cam E2 Flagship Series

Z CAM is one of the few camera systems that can utilize an electronic eND Module. This optional eND can be controlled in camera within a range of 1.7 to 6.7 stops and can be installed in any of the EF or PL mounts for use with the Z CAM E2 flagship series.



Z CAM Electronic Viewfinder
This compact and lightweight EVF can be used with any Z CAM camera or any brand of compact cinema camera. It boasts a high- quality diopter and 1440x1440 resolution display from either an SDI or HDMI source, along with support for various image assist functions, LUTs and more. Another unique capability is that it can transmit via HDMI, so you can use any smartd device for socially distanced remote monitoring.


Z CAM HDMI-SDI Converter
The HDMI-to-SDI Converter from Z CAM converts HDMI signals to 3G-SDI. Use this compact unit to convert your Z CAM camera's HDMI output for viewing on a pro monitor with an SDI input. It can sit either in the L-series battery clip of the camera or can be rigged to a cage

Z CAM Optional Camera Lens Mounts



Z CAM TurboMount (EF)
Replaces the camera's existing standard MFT or EF mount, providing 1.71 image expansion and f stop boost, while adapting to use EF mount lenses. Converts image crop size for MFT and S35 Z CAM models.


Z CAM MFT Mount (Active Lock) for Z CAM E2-M4
The new Active Lock MFT Mount allows a lens to be placed straight into a mount and securely clamped into place.


Z CAM PL Mount Adapter for E2-S6, F6, F8
Replace in under a minute with four screws, no shims required.


Viltrox Manual Focus Lens Mount Adapter for Sony E to Z CAM Camera
Viltrox Z CAM Mount Adapter for Sony E-mount lenses, allowing for transfer to Z CAM E2-M4, E2-S6, E2-F6, E2-F8 models, featuring EXIF info.

Z CAM External ProRes RAW Recording

Illuminated by a bright 1000 cd/m² LED backlight and colour calibrated to ensure reliably accurate image representation, the five-inch IPS LCD screen is viewable in daylight without the need for a hood. Records ProRes and ProRes RAW 4K footage in DCI or UHD formats up to 60 fps to optional SSD.

Record up to 4Kp60 10-bit HDR video direct from your camera's sensor, over HDMI 2.0. Store edit-ready ProRes or DNxHR on affordable SSD drives and bypass your camera's internal compression and record time limits. A tiny 1TB AtomX SSDmini will give you 2.5 hrs of 4K recording.


Z CAM Videos


Made for each other! SLR Magic compact cine lenses are the ideal companions for Z CAM cine cameras.

SLR Magic builds dedicated cine style lenses with integrated Follow Focus 0.8 gear pitch rings. They are recognized for building lenses with excellent image character and can cover a range of sensor sizes. The general MFT/E-mount cine line provides an affordable “cine” alternative to photo-style glass. Next up are the MicroPrime Cine series in MFT, E and X mount, APO EF mount Microprime and EF/PL Mount APO Hyperprime series, as well as both 1.33 and 2.0 anamorphic lens lines, all of which  provide an excellent quality/cost-benefit balance.


Z CAM Media

All ZCAM models (except E2C) utilize advanced CFast 2.0 media, which is designed to support the high data rates of ProRes 422 and HQ and even ZRAW workflow.

Z CAM Exascend CFast 2.0 Memory Card 512GB
 ATC continuously monitors drive thermals and regulates drive performance to keep thermal under control, sustaining the highest performance while keeping under the thermal envelope.


Z CAM Exascend CFast 2.0 Memory Card 256GB
These certified media support all Z CAM 4K, 6K, and 8K shooting modes. They are custom developed and engineered in-house, leveraging their proprietary hardware, firmware and validation platform.


Z CAM Support

Z Camera App (iOS & Android)

Z Camera is a mobile application for camera live preview and control through WiFi and USB cable connection. It can control the camera to start and stop recording, adjust camera settings and more. 

LUTs & Colour Correction

Download our LUTs and colour- correction plug-in to colour grade your video project. You can easily adjust the exposure and white balance and apply a vintage or cinematic look! Supported on both Windows PC and Mac OS.

Z CAM Software

Z CAM software for camera control, video transcoding, noise reduction and video concatenating



Z CAM Blog Posts

Z CAM E2 Series Firmware (ver. 0.98) Update Available

The latest firmware (ver. 0.98) update for Z CAM E2 series cameras adds 5K 60fps recording to the E2-F6 camera, support for ProRes 422 recording in all resolutions and frame rate combinations (except C8K 2.4:1), improved external SSD recording through USB and more!

Z CAM E2 series aren't just cinema cameras, they're also ideal for streaming!

The Z CAM E2 line models are all great affordable cinema-style cameras. as you may already know, but there is something that is far less known about them: that they all make great live-production streaming cameras as well.

Jason Dam: Visual Storyteller, Director, Z CAM User

Over a series of three interviews, we talk to three people who have one thing in common: they are all Z CAM users. Our first interview is with Jason Dam, Toronto-based director and co-owner, alongside Justin Manabat, of Ten Fold Productions.

Marc-André Bilodeau: DoP, Cinematographer, Z CAM User

Over a series of three interviews, we will be talking to three people who have one thing in common: they are all Z CAM users. Our second interview is with Marc-André Bilodeau, a Quebec-based freelance commercial director of photography, cinematographer and outdoor filmmaker.


Kyle Tiernan: Freelance Cinematographer, Z CAM User

Kyle Tiernan’s cinematography career has taken him around the world, working on a wide variety of projects and stories that provoke thoughtful questions through his shaping of light.

Kyle’s unique eye for natural light, paired with strong abilities in VFX, allow him to tackle a broad spectrum of projects, including the official music video for the Gord Downie song “Always is Mine”, the independent film “Connecting Flights” and “The Creek”, an award-winning WW2 short film (all shot using the Z CAM E2-F6 or Z CAM E2-S6 cameras).

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