The Tilta Hydra-Arm Mini

Hydra-Arm Mini is the ultimate cinema camera crane. More portable, lightweight, and within reach for more filmmakers than ever.

Changing the landscape of Car Mounted Cinematography

The new Hydra-Arm Mini is a portable, lightweight, and relatively easy to use system for filming vehicles from multiple angles while in movement. The system fits in three cases and attaches to the top of any car. Built to work with the RS 3 PRO, RS 2, Ronin 4D and other similar systems, shots that were extremely expensive to achieve just a few years ago are now within reach.

Developed for the next generation of filmmakers

Taking inspiration from the Hydra Alien and full sized Hydra Arm design we developed, we believe this form factor will be a compelling addition to any filmmaker's arsenal.

Product Specifications

  • Lightweight Counterweight-free Design with Self-Stabilizing Arm
  • Recommended for use with DJI RS2, RS3 PRO, Ronin 4D, Ronin MX, and Freefly MOVI Pro Stabilizers
  • Arm length is 152in / 387cm, max height is 177in / 450cm
  • Maximum payload is 22.05lbs / 10kg (including gimbal)
  • Speed of high/low angle: 80° per 1.7 sec. / Speed of moving angle: 360° per 6 sec.
  • The Hydra-Arm Mini can be checked in as luggage when travelling by air. Save days of prep time by taking it with you instead of shipping it.
  • Net weight: 154lbs / 70kg (approximate weight, not including gimbal or camera)
  • Packing Dimensions: 39.37in x 19.69in x 15.75in (100cm x 50cm x 40cm | Ships in Three Packages)

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