Medium Format Cameras Clearance

A full frame sensor is large. So even though DSLRs and mirrorless cameras post high numbers of megapixels approaching medium format, there remains a significant difference. It’s the size of each pixel and the distance between them that matters most. When the highest resolution is called for, perfectionists reach for a medium format camera.

Hasselblad H1 Camera Body , Grey

Webcode: 291502 • Mfr: HA H 3013050

The Hasselblad H1 was built from the ground up to fit your needs, and is loaded with more features and finesses than any other medium format camera on the market today.

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Phase One XF IQ3 50MP Bundle with XF Body, IQ Back, 80mm LS 5 Year Uptime Warranty

Webcode: 407393 • Mfr: 71861
  • 51MP CMOS Sensor
  • Medium Format
  • ISO 100-6400 ISO Sensitivity
  • Digital Back, Camera Body & Lens Kit
  • Touchscreen
  • Includes XF Body & Lens of Choice
  • Includes 5 Year Uptime Warranty
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Phase One P45+ for Hasselblad H1

Webcode: 291535 • Mfr: 71363

39 MegaPixels, 50 - 800 ISO Top of the line shooter with unlimited burst sequences and optimized for large format photography with live preview functionality for easy composition and focus checking

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Phase One IQ260 for Phase One/Mamiya 645AFD with Value Added Warranty

Webcode: 291689 • Mfr: 71722000
  • 60 MP CMOS Sensor
  • Medium Format
  • ISO 200-3200 ISO Sensitivity
  • Digital Back
  • Touchscreen
  • Includes 5 Year Value Add Warranty
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Phase One P65+ for Mamiya 645AFD/P1

Webcode: 291572 • Mfr: 71419

The world’s first full frame 645 sensor featuring 60.5 MegaPixels, 50 - 800 ISO, 8994x6732 active pixels achieving 180MB, 8 bit RGB files.

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Phase One P30+ for Hasselblad H1

Webcode: 291537 • Mfr: 71358
  • 31 MP CCD Sensor
  • Medium Format
  • ISO 50-800 ISO Sensitivity
  • Digital Back
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Phase One IQ160 for Phase One/Mamiya 645AFD

Webcode: 291622 • Mfr: 71625

Featuring 60.5 megapixel resolution, 3.2'' high resolution display, Touch screen display to zoom, pan and browse images, Sensor+ technology for faster workflow and higher ISO sensitivity. For Phase One/Mamiya 645AFD with 5-Year Value+ Warranty.

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Phase One Kit of 645 DF Camera Body, 80mm LS lens

Webcode: 422599 • Mfr: 71510

Open platform DSLR - 6x4.5cm format, electronically controlled focal-plane shutter, TTL multiple mode AE, AF single lens reflex. Includes 80mm LS lens.

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Phase One XF Camera Body with Prism Viewfinder

Webcode: 412040 • Mfr: 71868
  • 80MP CMOS Sensor
  • Medium Format
  • ISO 50-12800 ISO Sensitivity
  • Camera Body & Prism View Finder Kit
  • OneTouch User Interface
  • Includes Prism View Finder
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Mamiya Eye Correction Lens ( - 1 ) for RB67PROSD and RZ67PROIID

Webcode: 229755 • Mfr: 514585
  • Eye Correction Lens
  • Mamiya RB67PROSD / RZ67PROIID Compatibility
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