Designed for portrait photographers and videographers on the go!

NEO 2 is a revolutionary lightweight/portable LED light that combines the 'shoot what you see' benefits of continuous light, with the added flexibility of High Speed Sync (HSS) flash to freeze action. And with no recycle time, you'll never miss a shot. Can be mounted on or off camera, the NEO 2 comes with a built-in Elinchrom Skyport flash receiver for reliable wireless triggering.

NEO 2 delivers everything you could ask for in a portable lighting unit.

High Speed Sync Flash (HSS) Enables you to 'freeze action', and shoot at wider apertures for better subject isolation, NEO 2 eliminates the need to buy two separate products if you shoot both stills and video, as it provides an all-in-one solution.
Unrivalled battery performance The longest battery life of an on camera flash ever made. NEO 2 provides 85,000 full power shots on a single set of AA batteries (not included) vs 250 of a typical speedlite. You'll never be down on the job.
AccuColour LED technology ensures the NEO 2 delivers exceptional colour rendering for gorgeous skin tones (CRI:96+, TLCI 91) eliminating the need for post processing.
True Aperture Dimming calculates and displays F-stop for a subject at a given distance, eliminating the need for trial and error shooting, or a light meter.
CineSFX provides a suite of customizable cinematic lighting effects, such as lightning, fire, gunshot, paparazzi and TV flicker to enhance your video production.
Designer Fade provides custom fade up/down production effects for interviews.

NEO 2 - Quality lighting for both stills and video

Best in Class Color Rendering CRI = 96 & R15 Skintone = 99
TLCI (Television Lighting Consistency Index) = 91 Ideally suited for professional Television use.
Colour Range: 3150 Kelvin - 6300 Kelvin, integrated accurate Kelvin display.

Rotolight AEOS - Need More light, or a larger light source?

Also designed with both location photographers and videographers in mind, the new AEOS LED is like a smaller, more portable version of Rotolight's award-winning Anova Pro series Studio/EFP light. This ultra thin, lightweight bi-colour LED features CRI:95+, flicker free output, CineSFX, Designer Fade, and can be triggered as a high speed sync flash with zero recycle time. The AEOS also light weight and includes integrated aluminum handles (expanding creative handheld possibilities) and a professional grade ball head providing full 360° rotation and 270° of tilt.

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