• Rental ID: R300708
Rental Details
  • standard head for Pro-7b, Standard Reflector included.
Included in Rental
  • 1 Profoto Pro-B Head Zoom for Pro-B2 Pro-7b Generators
  • 1 Profoto Standard Zoom Reflector 65-100 Degrees
Available in Calgary


All Pro-7 heads accept Profoto's system of modular light shaping tools. The basic Profoto modular flash head design features a circular, heavy duty quartz flash tube which surrounds the modeling lamp. It provides even illumination and maximum light output.

All lamphead cables feature Profoto special connectors for safety, security and convenience, and new dual lead technology for better, reliable performance. All heads feature a 5/8" stand adapter.

Interchangeable glass covers can be selected to warm or cool and soften or sharpen the light to your personal style.

Key Features

  • Improved Design
    The fan is regulated to ensure minimized sound level in all situations. Due to a new glass cover design and improved mounting plate used under the flash tube/model lamp, the light is more color stable, the light distribution more even and the light output is increased. New electronics guarantee optimal function of the fan worldwide.
  • Easy to Control
    A built-in tilt-control lever makes for easy angle adjustment.
  • Easily Replaceable Flashtube
    Features a heavy duty plug-in quartz flashtube.
    Optional glass domes are available in a variey of coatings for added control over the color temperature. 
  • Removeable Reflector
    Comes with zoom reflector.
    Compatible with all of Profoto's light shaping tools. 
  •  Modeling Light
    Comes with a bright, 250W quartz halogen model light.
    The modeling lights for this unit are readily available in a variety of voltages for worldwide use.
  • Long-Reaching Cable
    Resists twisting, trampling and cracking.
    Extension cables are available for light heads placed at longer distances from the power pack.
  • Backward Compatible
    The ProHead and ProTwin provide 100% functionality with Profoto's D4 and Pro-7 power packs.

Product Specifications


Maximum Watt/Seconds

3000 w/s

User Replaceable Flashtube


Changeable Reflector

Yes, accepts all Profoto light shaping tools

Circuit Protection

Thermostatic overload protection if the ventilation is obstructed.

Cable Length

16.4' (5M)

Modeling Light Wattage

250W, 120V

Modeling Light On/Off Switch


Protective Glass Dome


Fan Cooled



3.9 x 10.2" (10 x 26cm)


4lbs 12oz (2.2kg)