• Rental ID: R302473
Rental Details
  • 6' diameter. Flash head not included.
Included in Rental
  • 1 Elinchrom EL Octa Lite 190CM 74"
  • 1 Elinchrom Front Diffuser for EL Octalite
  • 1 Elinchrom profoto adapter for octalite
Available in Toronto


The 74" Octa is the largest and most popular of the Elinchrom Light Banks. The octagonal shape is ideal when using the reflection method of light distribution. As a result, the Octa Bank gives remarkably even illumination - within 1/3 f/stop - across the entire 6' plus diameter. It can be used very close to your subject for soft, even, wrap-around lighting effects, and its light efficiency allows even the smallest compact units to give impressive exposure readings.

Elinchrom light banks are optically matched to Elinchrom heads, providing unsurpassed evenness and efficiency in a large size. The Octa is also supplied with a durable carrying case for protection and portability. 

Key Features

  • Double diffusion design for extra soft, even, wrap-around light --within 1/3 f/stop - across the entire 6 ft-plus diameter.
  • Folds like an umbrella.
  • Mounts onto any Elinchrom head, Rotating locking knob.

Product Specifications

Detailed Specifications
Size 187 cm (74")
Shape Octagonal
Compatibility Elinchrom strobe only
Removable Face Yes
Removable Baffle Yes
Accepts Grids No
Required Speed Ring Included for Elinchrom heads