• Rental ID: R303240
Rental Details
  • dimensions 24" x 32". elinchrom quick release speed ring included. Flash head not included.
Included in Rental
  • 1 Chimera Super Pro Plus Bank White Small 24"x32"
  • 1 Chimera Elinchrom Quick Release Speed Ring Strobe
Available in Toronto


The sail-cloth bred translucent light produced by Chimera Lightbanks has been the photographer's friend for more than a generation now. The Super Pro Plus is the professional choice. The outstanding features include: a removable recessed front screen that helps control lens flare and fall-off, a large hook & loop sealed rear opening that will accommodate up to three strobe heads, and full compatibility with every accessory in the Chimera family (Grids, Egg Crates, Color Correction Screens, 1/4 and 1/2 grid front screens). You have the choice of either a "soft" white interior or a "sunny" silver.

Product Specifications

Dimensions 24 X 32" / 60 X 80cm
Depth 18" / 45cm