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Product Highlights
  • Made for Most Shoe-Mount Flash Units
  • Frosted Design
  • Diffuses and Broadens Light Spread
Available in Mississauga and Toronto

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The famous Gary Fong Lightsphere - Now in a UNIVERSAL size to fit almost ANY on-camera flash!
  • Works with your existing accessory domes - AmberDome & ChromeDome
  • The grip is so strong that it can support the entire weight of a camera, drive and flash securely.
  • Attaches with patent pending grip system - it will NOT fall off!!

All other diffusers 'point' the light - like a flashlight. The Lightsphere is the only diffuser that lights up the entire room.

The Lightsphere-Universal fits most flashes!

No more sizing charts!

Achiever 260

Minolta 5200 Pentax AF-540 FGZ Sony HVL-F32X
Bower 724AFC Minolta 5400 Promaster 5750-DX Sunpack 2000-DZ
Canon 299 Nikon SB-24 Promaster 5900 Sunpack 266-D
Canon 380EX Nikon SB-25 Promaster FT-1700 Sunpack 355-AF
Canon 420EX Nikon SB-26 Promaster FTD-5200 Sunpack 4000-AF
Canon 420EZ Nikon SB-28 Promaster FTD-5400 Sunpack Auto 383
Canon 430EX Nikon SB-28DX Promaster FTD-5500 Sunpack Auto 411
Canon 430EZ Nikon SB-400 Promaster FTD-5600 Sunpack MZ-440AF
Canon 540EZ Nikon SB-50DX Promaster FTD-6500M Sunpack PZ-5000
Canon 540EZ Nikon SB-600DX Promaster FTD-7500 Vivitar 273
Canon 580EX Nikon SB-800 Quantaray 6500A Vivitar 2800
Canon 580EX MKII Nikon SB-800DX Quantaray PZ1-DSZ Vivitar 3500
Contax TLA 2/3 Nikon SB-80DX Quantaray ODC-900 Vivitar 5200
DigiSlave DFS-1 Olympus FL-36 Quantaray ODC-900W Vivitar 550
Metz 36AF Olympus FL-40 Quantaray OTB-7500A Vivitar 560D
Metz 40MZ2 Olympus FL-50 Quantaray OTB-9500A Vivitar 600N
Metz 44MZ2 Olympus FL-60 Sakar 77-TFZ Vivitar 728-AF
Metz 54AF-IC Olympus G-40 Sigma 420 Vivitar 730-AF-PK
Metz 54MZ-4 Pentax 330FTZ Sigma 430 Vivitar 840-AF
Minolta 3500XI Pentax AF-500 FTZ Soligor MZ-340AF Vivitar DF-200