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  • reduces the light by 2 stop
Available in Calgary and Toronto


Neutral Density filters evenly reduce the amount of light passing through the lens without effecting color.  Ideal for reducing bright light in large aperture situations when a narrow depth is field is needed.  Allows for slower shutter speeds when blurring or showing of movement is desired.  Allows balancing of exposure to highlight a key subject. Lets you use higher speed films in bright light.
B&W Neutral Density filters are available in the following strengths:
· .3 (2X) #101 Reduces the light one f-stop.
· .6 (4X) #102 Reduces the light two f-stops.
· .9 (8X) #103 Reduces the light three f-stops.
· 1.8 (64X) #106 Reduces the light six f-stops
· 3.0 (1,000X) #110 (ten f-stops) & 4.0 (10,000X) #113 (seventeen f-stops) are for astrological and sun studies.

Key Features

  • Allows the use of relatively longer shutter speeds while retaining a wide aperture even in bright illumination. This allows for the emphasis of the subject by controlling depth of field or creating motion effect with subject blur.
  • Eliminates overly bright, washed-out images.
  • Equally effective in color or black and white photography.