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Product Highlights
  • Grid Fits Directly into the Reflector
  • Optional Protection Cap Fits on Top of Reflector
  • 19.3 cm (7.5") Diameter
  • 18 cm (5.9") Size
  • Smoother Spread of Light
Available in Toronto

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Key Features

  • even better light distribution than the Profoto classic: smoother, stronger, more accurate
  • integrated grid holder – grids now fit directly into the reflector
  • a new protection cap, the Zoom Cap, that fits onto and over the reflector (and the grid), securing transportation and storage as well as enabling the photographer to leave the grid on.




Product Specifications

Detailed Specifications
Output at 0.5 m with 2400 Ws Position 6: 45.8
Position 7: 45.1
Position 10: 32.8
Compatible Heads All Profoto heads, including Tungsten, HMI with a diameter of 100 mm.
Diameter  19.3 cm (7.6 in)
Size 18 cm depth (5.9 in depth)
Weight 0.3 kg (0.66 lb)