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Saramonic is a professional sound equipment solution company which focuses on producing affordable professional audio adapters, microphones and portable recorders for DSLR videography, field recording and interviews, broadcast TV and ENG.

Sony ECMB1M Digital Shotgun Microphone
  • Shotgun Microphone
  • Omnidirectional / Unidirectional / Super directional Pickup Pattern
  • Multi Interface Shoe Connection
  • DSLR / Mirrorless Camera Compatibility
  • 3x selectable Directivity modes
  • 10 cm (4") Length
  • Cable-Free Connection
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Sennheiser MZQ600 Mic Clamp For Using w/ Mic Stand
  • Works with MKE 600
  • Shotgun Pickup Pattern
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Saramonic WM4C-M1 Replacement Lavalier Mic for SR-WM4C 4 Channel VHF Wireless System
  • Replacement Lavalier Microphone
  • Omnidirectional Pickup Pattern
  • 1/8" Connection
  • Wireless
  • Works with SR-WM4C 4 Channel VHF Wireless System
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