Sennheiser Microphone Accessories

The world leader in consumer and professional audio systems, Sennheiser provides their customers with the very best audio equipment and exceptional service.

Sennheiser CA2 Camera Adapter Hot Shoe
$25.99 SAVE $4
  • Works with EW Series
In Stock
In Stock
Sennheiser MMD 845-1 BK Dynamic Capsule Supercardioid, Black
$229.99 SAVE $60
  • Capsule Microphone
  • SuperCardioid Pickup Pattern
  • Swappable Capsule For Different Pickup Patterns
Special Order
Sennheiser MZQ600 Mic Clamp For Using w/ Mic Stand
  • Works with MKE 600
  • Shotgun Pickup Pattern
Special Order
Sennheiser Microphone Clamp BK (MZQ02)
  • Works with MKE 2-5/EW G3/ME102/Ear Set 4
Special Order
Special Order
Sennheiser BA2015 Rechargeable Battery Pack
$94.99 SAVE $25
  • Works with G2 Series/2015 FM System
Special Order
Sennheiser POP1 SKP 30/3000 Pouch for plug-on
$42.99 SAVE $7
  • SKP 100 g / SKP 500 g / SKP 3000 Tx Compatibility
  • Touch-fastener Closure
  • Leather Material Construction
  • Enables carrying transmitter on belt
Special Order
Sennheiser Senheiser EW Series Belt Clip
$4.99 SAVE $3
  • Works with Sennheiser EW Series
In Stock
Sennheiser G3 Series Wireless Belt Clip
  • Works with Sennheiser SK100/300/500/2000
In Stock