Atomos, Sennheiser, Swit Batteries & Chargers

Nice camera, but it’s not going to take spectacular shots forever. Eventually you’ll need a new battery or charger. The great thing about battery technology is, it’s always improving. So your next battery will probably be significantly better than the one you have now.

Atomos Power Kit for Shogun/Ninja Inferno & Flame

Webcode: 415143 • Mfr: ATOM-PWRKT1
  • Power Kit for Atmos Shogun/Ninja Inferno & Flame
  • Includes 2x Batteries & Charger
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Swit S-8972 Li-ion Battery for Sony HDV HVR-Z1E, DC Output

Webcode: 237695 • Mfr: S-8972
  • NP-F970 Compatibility
  • 7.2 V Output
  • 6527.7 mAh Capacity
  • 47 Wh
  • 30 W Max. Power
  • Lithium-Ion Chemistry
  • Spare or replacement battery
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Atomos Fast Battery Charger - 2A Charger and Cable (Battery Not Included)

Webcode: 413384 • Mfr: ATOMFCGRS1
  • Charger for Atomos and Sony NP Batteries
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Swit S-3602U Charger/Adaptor for Sony BP-U60/U30

Webcode: 281418 • Mfr: S-3602U
  • Charger and Adaptor for Sony BP-U60/U30
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Sennheiser BA 10 Rechargeable Battery Pack for D1, AVX & SL Handheld Transmitter

Webcode: 420735 • Mfr: 505972
  • Works with D1 SKM/SL Handheld DW/AVX SKM AVX-835
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Atomos ATOM-BAT003 5200mAh Battery

Webcode: 401851 • Mfr: ATOMBAT003
  • 5200 mAh Capacity
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Atomos ATOMBAT004 7800mAh 6 Cell Battery NP-960 N.L Series

Webcode: 414426 • Mfr: ATOM-BAT004
  • 7.4 V Output
  • 7800 mAh Capacity
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