Medium Format Cameras

A full frame sensor is large. So even though DSLRs and mirrorless cameras post high numbers of megapixels approaching medium format, there remains a significant difference. It’s the size of each pixel and the distance between them that matters most. When the highest resolution is called for, perfectionists reach for a medium format camera.

Pentax smc P-FA 645 33-55mm f/4.5 AL Lens

Webcode: 252809 • Mfr: 26775
  • f/4.5 - f/32 Aperture Range
  • 11/8 (Elements/Groups)
  • Medium Format
  • Pentax 645 Mount
  • Autofocus
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Pentax smc P-FA 645 150-300mm f/5.6 ED IF Lens

Webcode: 277645 • Mfr: 26785
  • f/5.6 - f/45 Aperture Range
  • 15/13 (Elements/Groups)
  • Medium Format
  • Pentax 645 F2 Bayonet Mount
  • Internal Focusing & Manual Focus
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