Calibration Tools

As a serious photographer you require a high degree of colour accuracy. From capturing images to digital editing and printing, a calibrator does the trick, ensuring consistent colour accurracy across your digital workflow.

X-Rite Color Checker Passport Photo

Webcode: 246291 • Mfr: MSCCPP
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  • ColorChecker Classic, White Balance, & Creative Enhancement Targets
  • Standardized array of coloured squares
  • Camera profiling and calibration Software
  • Compare, measure & analyze colour reproduction
  • Faster, more accurate exposure reading & colour calibration
  • 3x Photographic Targets in compact case
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Datacolor Spyder5 ELITE

Webcode: 279843 • Mfr: S5EL100
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  • Calibrates Monitors to Industry Color Reference Standard
  • Laptop, Desktop Monitors, Front Projectors & StudioMatch Assistant Compatibility
  • 5 Ambient Light Settings Room Light Monitoring
  • Unlimited Choice of Calibration Settings
  • Lens Cap Counterweight & Integrated Tripod Mount Mount
  • 7 Filter/Detector Colourimeter
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