Drop-In Holders

Lee Filters Foundation Holder System Kit
$114.99 SAVE $25
  • Fits 100mm Drop-In Filters
  • Fits up to 4x Filters
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Cokin BZ-100 Z-Pro Filter Holder
$84.99 SAVE $35
  • Z-PRO Filter Holder
  • Compatible with Z-PRO Filters
In Stock
Lee Filters 82mm Adapter Ring
  • 82mm Adapter Ring for Lens Hood
In Stock
Cokin Z477 77mm to 0.75 Adapter Ring for Z-Pro Series
$38.99 SAVE $21
  • Fits Z-PRO Series Filter Holder on 77mm Lenses
In Stock
Canon 52mm Drop - in Screw Filter Holder
  • Drop-in Screw Filter Holder for Canon Super-Telephoto
  • Compatible with 52mm Diameter Filters
In Stock
Cokin P477 77mm Adapter Ring for P Series Filter Holder
  • Fits P Series Filter Holder on 77mm Lenses
  • Compatible with P Series Filters
Special Order
Lee Filters Adapter Ring Lens Cap
  • Lens Caps for Lee Adapter Ring
  • Protects Adapter Ring and Lens While Changing Filters
In Stock
Lee Filters Rangefinder System Adapter Ring 67mm
$17.99 SAVE $30
  • RF75 Rangefinder Adapter for 67mm Filter Thread
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Open Box Condition: VG
Leica Adapter E39 for Universal Polarizing Filter M
  • Designed for Universal Polarizer Filter M
  • 39mm Filter Diameter
  • Spare or Replacement Part
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