Drop-In Filters

Lee Filters Foundation Holder System Kit
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  • Fits 100mm Drop-In Filters
  • Fits up to 4x Filters
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Lee Filters 100x150mm Neutral Density 0.9 Graduated Soft Resin Drop In Filter
  • GND Graduated Neutral Density Filter
  • 0.9 Neutral Density
  • 100 x 150mm (4 x 6") Filter Size
  • Reduces Contrast Differences in Composition
  • For use with Lee Filters 100mm Filter Holder
  • Horizontal Grad
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Canon 52mm Drop - in Screw Filter Holder
  • Drop-in Screw Filter Holder for Canon Super-Telephoto
  • Compatible with 52mm Diameter Filters
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Tiffen 4x4" Neutral Density 0.3 Filter

Eliminates overly bright, washed-out images while balancing exposure and controlling depth-of-field.

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Leica Adapter E39 for Universal Polarizing Filter M
  • Designed for Universal Polarizer Filter M
  • 39mm Filter Diameter
  • Spare or Replacement Part
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