Elinchrom Studio Lighting Lamps

Elinchrom, a leading manufacturer of flash equipment and light shaping tools for professional photographers, is based in Switzerland and founded in 1962. Famous for their quality build and ‘Swiss precision’, Elinchrom lighting products are a favourite with many of the world’s leading photographers.

Elinchrom Leuci 100W/90V Krypton for El22,23,250,500,S,T, D-Lite RX, BRX
  • Made for Elinchrom EL22/23/250/500/S/T
  • E7 Incandescent Bulb Compatibility
  • 100 Watts
  • 90 Volt
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Elinchrom Flashtube For D-Lite 2/D-Lite4 /RQ-S Head
  • Made for D-lite RX2/RX4
  • D-Lite RxOne Compatibility
  • 400 Watts
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Elinchrom Flashtube for BXRi, Ranger Quadra "A" Head, BRX250 and BRX500 Heads
  • Ranger Quadra A-Head and XSRi 250/500 Compatibility
  • UV-Coated Flash Tube
  • 500 Watts
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Elinchrom Flashtube for Style 300S/RX,400BX 600S/RX, EL 250 500
  • Elinchrom 250C/500C, Style 300S/600S Compatibility
  • 600 Watts
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Elinchrom Standard Flash Tube
  • Elinchrom EL1000/S2/S2000/S1500N Compatibility
  • UV-Coated Flash Tube
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Elinchrom 150W/120V Lamp for Style 300 RX, Style 600 RX, Style 1200 RX
  • Elinchrom Style 300RX/600RX/1200RX/EL250/EL500 Compatibility
  • UV-Coated Flash Tube
  • 150 Watts
  • 120 Volt
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Elinchrom 300W/110V Halogen for ELC Pro HD, Zoom Pro, Zoom Pro HD, Zoom Action, Twin X4, Scanlite Halogen
  • S1500N/S2000/A3000/S3000/S3000N/Scanlite 1000/Micro Compact/Digital SE Compatibility
  • 300 Watts
  • 110 Volt
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Elinchrom Standard Flashtube for EL A3000
  • Elinchrom A3000/A3000N Compatibility
  • UV-Coated Flash Tube
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Elinchrom Pyrex Dome Matt
  • Made for all Bayonet Lamp Heads
  • Frosted Design
  • Protects Flashtube
  • Diffuses and Broadens Light Spread
  • Softens Shadow Edges
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Elinchrom Standard Flash Tube for EL R2000
  • Made for EL R2000
  • UV-Coated Flash Tube
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