Kino Flo Studio Lighting Lamps

Kino Flo's range of LED, Tungsten and Fluorescent lighting products are designed to address the needs of today's most demanding cinematographers, HD cinema and television lighting professionals, and digital photography artists.

Kino Flo 26W Kino KF55 120VAC
  • E26 Base Compatibility
  • 26 Watts
  • 120 Volt
  • 5500K Colour Temperature
  • 1400 Lumens
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Kino Flo 55W Kino KF32 Compact Lamp

The Kino Flo True Match 21" 55C-K32 Compact Lamp is a single-ended 55 watt fluorescent lamp with a colour temperature of 3200K and a light output of 2800 lumens.

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Kino Flo 55W KF32 Tungsten Lamp For Diva & ParaBeam
  • 2G11 Compatibility
  • 55 Watts
  • 120-240 Volt
  • 3200K Colour Temperature
  • 2800 Lumens
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