Elinchrom Diffusers and Filter Holders

Elinchrom, a leading manufacturer of flash equipment and light shaping tools for professional photographers, is based in Switzerland and founded in 1962. Famous for their quality build and ‘Swiss precision’, Elinchrom lighting products are a favourite with many of the world’s leading photographers.

Elinchrom Diffusor Tissue for Softlite 44 cm
  • Adds Additional Softness to Emitted Light
  • 43 cm (17") Diameter
  • White Colour
  • Adjustable Deflector Shield
  • Redirects light back into Reflector
Special Order
Elinchrom Diffusor Tissue for Soflite 70 cm
  • Fits Elinchrom Maxisoft Reflector
  • Diffuser Softens the Quality of Light Produced by Reflector
  • 70 cm (27.5") Diameter
  • Shower Cap Design
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