Kino Flo, Lowel Reflectors and Grids

Kino Flo's range of LED, Tungsten and Fluorescent lighting products are designed to address the needs of today's most demanding cinematographers, HD cinema and television lighting professionals, and digital photography artists.

Kino Flo ParaBeam 400 Louver-Honeycomb 60 Degree
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  • Designed for Celeb 400 & 410 LED Light
  • Narrow Beam, Controls Spill Light
  • 60° Degree
  • Provides Directional Control
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Demo Condition: EXE+
Lowel 40° Egg Crate For LC-55
  • Designed for Rifa eX55
  • Attaches to the front of the 500w Rifa eX55
  • 40° Spread of Light Reduction
  • Folds Flat for storage
  • Included Lightweight Bag
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Lowel Rectangular Leaf
  • Fits Barndoor Frame
  • Locks on Frame with 1/4 Turn Instant Release Connector
  • 2 Expandable Wings
  • 0.113 kg (0.24 lbs) Weight
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Kino Flo Black Louver Clip w/ Strap,4PK

Black Louver clip with strap, 4-pack. It fastens together two or more black louvers for creative light shaping with Kino Flo fluorescent fixtures.

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